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March 4, 2017

Fitness | Ugh! I'm Fat Again

How to lose fat and gain muscle
Okay this is a hard post to write!  While i'm sitting here typing this I need to be on my way to the gym!  Oh the struggles of weight loss... up and down... it's a never ending cycle.  Last year I reached my one year weightloss transformation. I began my weightloss journey on Aug 2015 and reached my goal on Aug 2016.  Then I got hit with some bad news.... a stage 2 ovarian cancer diagnosis... followed by 6mos of chemotherapy.  Well this threw my body into a tailspin and instead of losing weight like most people do during chemo, I gained weight.

May 13, 2016

New Pinterest Board Featuring all my Favorite Athleisure Wear & Exercise Equipment

Athleisure Wear & Exercise Equipment

Now you can see all of my favorite athleisure wear and workout equipment all in one place.  I've created a new Pinterest Board called Athleisure Wear & Workout Equipment where I'll be pinning all of my favorite items that I purchased from Amazon with direct links to where you can find them. People always ask me where I got certain items and now I can just direct them to this board.