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March 4, 2017

Fitness | Ugh! I'm Fat Again

How to lose fat and gain muscle
Okay this is a hard post to write!  While i'm sitting here typing this I need to be on my way to the gym!  Oh the struggles of weight loss... up and down... it's a never ending cycle.  Last year I reached my one year weightloss transformation. I began my weightloss journey on Aug 2015 and reached my goal on Aug 2016.  Then I got hit with some bad news.... a stage 2 ovarian cancer diagnosis... followed by 6mos of chemotherapy.  Well this threw my body into a tailspin and instead of losing weight like most people do during chemo, I gained weight.

May 13, 2016

New Pinterest Board Featuring all my Favorite Athleisure Wear & Exercise Equipment

Athleisure Wear & Exercise Equipment

Now you can see all of my favorite athleisure wear and workout equipment all in one place.  I've created a new Pinterest Board called Athleisure Wear & Workout Equipment where I'll be pinning all of my favorite items that I purchased from Amazon with direct links to where you can find them. People always ask me where I got certain items and now I can just direct them to this board.

October 8, 2013

Lifestyle ~ All Day Energy Greens Dietary Drink Supplement

All Day Energy Greens Dietary Supplement Drink
I was very excited for the opportunity to review the All Day Energy Greens Dietary Supplement Drink from the Institute for Vibrant Living (IVL) because I am partial vegetarian and my nutritional program includes a daily smoothie.  While i'm no stranger to blended or frozen smoothies, I very seldom use raw vegetables because I just don't like the taste.  I prefer using all kinds of fruits and adding my greens in the form of protein powders.

The All Day Energy Greens arrived at the right time and I couldn't be more happier to share my thoughts and opinion on this product.

Product Information
Serving Size:  One Scoop
Servings Per Container:  30
Net Wt: 11.36ozs (322 grams)
Cost: $39.99
Available online at Institute for Vibrant Living

August 17, 2013

Fitness ~ My Crazy Week of Exercise, Blogging and Wig Designing

Abolene for 10 lb Weight Loss

Since i've been Wrapping & Walking (with my belly covered of course!) i've been making so much progress. Now don't get me wrong, i've never been overweight, i've just been slightly larger than my normal size.... (this is such a classy way of saying it don't you think:) Anyway, between Blogging and Wigmaking (yes i'm a Wig Designer)..... my life is getting really hectic and i've been having to squeeze my walking workouts in.

July 10, 2012

Nutrition ~ How I Lost 5 lbs Eating a High Protein Breakfast

How I Lost 5 lbs

It's no secret that your metabolism completely shuts down when you reach a certain age and it's nearly impossible to lose a pound let alone five pounds.  Well, just by changing my diet, doing yoga and walking everyday, I lost five pounds in three weeks.