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March 30, 2016

Beauty ~ Tom Ford Honeymoon Palette | Chanel L'Intemporel De Chanel Palette | Chanel Sunkiss Ribbon Blush

These are a few items that I've been looking forward to wearing and creating some fun looks for Spring/Summer and beyond. The Tom Ford Honeymoon Palette was just released in the Tom Ford Spring 2016 collection. The Chanel L'Intemporel De Chanel Palette was from the Chanel Fall 2015 collection and the Chanel Sunkiss Ribbon Blush is part of the new Chanel Spring 2016 collection

February 14, 2016

Swatches ~ Tom Ford Savage Blush Swatched on Brown Skin

 Tom Ford Savage Blush

Tom Ford Cheek Color in Savage is one of those blushes that you really need in your collection. The velvety texture and smooth application screams love at first blush (haha).  This is the third TF blush that I own, I own Wicked and Flush, both very well used and loved.  However, with Savage I feel this will definitely become one of my daily staples.

January 20, 2016

Tom Ford Honeymoon Eyeshadow Quad for Spring 2016

Well this is only a photo from the website but this beauty will soon be released is on Neiman Marcus' website now with the rest of the items from the Spring Collection.... it is already up on the website but it says "unavailable" so all we can do is look at the photos for now.  If you're eyeing this beauty, then I suggest you sign up for the TF newsletter which always lets you know when the items are available online... and yes... i'm eagerly awaiting this release because I have already ordered it  and this baby will soon be mine.

May 22, 2015

Beauty ~ Revisiting all the Tom Ford Beauty Items in my Stash

According to my standards, I don't have a large stash of Tom Ford beauty items.  I love the packaging but it's not enough to make me spend money on items that I don't need. I have cut back tremendously on my makeup spending.  I'm limiting myself to purchasing only those items that I need which compliment my skin tone.  Since there's so many new releases with products that aren't #woc friendly, this has allowed me to start using up a lot of products from my stash.  Below are highlights of these items along with links to my written reviews where you can find lots of photos of each.

January 14, 2015

Swatches ~ Tom Ford Lips & Boys Limited Edition Lipsticks + Video

I purchased my Tom Ford Lips & Boys miniature lipsticks on Dec 26th during the second release.  I didn't get them on the initial release during Black Friday because I wanted to see swatches on WOC (women of color) ...  and to my surprise I couldn't find not a one!  So I had to pick and choose from the swatches on the Tom Ford website which was very hard.  I only ordered one nude lipstick because i'm really not a new lipstick wearer. I also uploaded a video showing live swatches a well so you can see exactly how they look on me.

November 5, 2014

Swatches ~ Tom Ford Stroked Blush Highlighter Duo Christmas 2014

Tom Ford Stroked Blush Highlighter Duo Christmas 2014

This Tom Ford Stroked Blush Highlighter Duo is one of the most beautiful highlighter/blush duos that I've ever laid eyes on is none other than the Tom Ford Duo in Softcore.  Well, Softcore was all sold out everywhere but I was able to snag Stroked which is just as beautiful but a tad bit lighter than Softcore.

November 3, 2014

Swatches ~ Tom Ford Black Dahlia Lipstick Christmas 2014

Tom Ford Black Dahlia Lipstick Holiday 2014

 The Tom Ford Black Dahlia Lipstick started out as a limited edition item but it clearly was a hit and so it became part of their permanent collection.  It's the ultimate of vampy Bordeaux lipstick for fall. 

October 18, 2014

Tom Ford Limited Edition Lip and Nail Box for Holiday 2014

The Tom Ford Limited Edition Lip and Nail Box for Holiday 2014 is truly the ultimate in high end splurging! This complete lip and nail beauty wardrobe includes 8 Tom Ford Lip Colors and 8 Tom Ford Nail Colors!

Tom Ford Lipsticks:
 Pink Dusk, Spanish Pink, Bruised Plum, Nude Vanilla, Casablanca, Indian Rose
True Coral, Cherry Lush, 

Tom Ford Nail Colors:
 Toasted Sugar, Mink Brule, Bordeaux Lust, Smoke Red, Carnal Red
Pink Crush, Viper, Fever Pink

The Tom Ford Limited Edition Lip and Nail Box for Holiday 2014 is available online here!

December 17, 2013

Swatches ~ Tom Ford Violet Dusk Eye Shadow Palette

Tom Ford Violet Dusk
I'm absolutely in love with Tom Ford cosmetics and I love admiring his entire collection from afar.... the website.... magazines... blogs.... catalogs, etc. and when I read that the Tom Ford Violet Dusk Eye Shadow Palette was being discontinued I knew I just had to have it.

Tom Ford is one of those brands that I treat myself to only on special occasions like birthdays, holidays or funerals (to pick me up of course) because I can always find similar colors in my all time faithful brands such as Mac, Nars, etc.

October 16, 2013

Swatches ~ Tom Ford Bronzed Amber Illuminating Cheek Color

 Tom Ford Bronzed Amber Illuminating Cheek Color
Ladies... this Tom Ford Bronzed Amber Illuminating Cheek Color (discontinued) is one of the most beautiful bronzer/blush combinations I've ever seen.  This illuminating cheek color can be worn as a bronzer or applied over the cheeks giving a subtle warm glow.  For a women with brown skin like mine, this illuminator definitely takes my cheeks to another dimension. Similar to this is the Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Duo.

June 16, 2013

Swatches ~ Tom Ford Naivete Lip Gloss

Tom Ford Naivete Lip Gloss

I purchased this Tom Ford Lip Gloss in Naivete (discontinued) from a recent blog sale that had a lot of high end products listed for sale.  I've never owned any lip products that cost over $15, not that i'm cheap, but  I just feel like I don't need to purchase expensive lip products because I don't wear them that often.  Regularly TF Lip Gloses cost $27 and I bought this one for $15 brand new from the blog sale.

February 5, 2013

Swatches ~ Wicked Blush by Tom Ford

Tom Ford Blush Wicked

I bought myself several items for Xmas that i've been lusting for and this is the first one. This is the second Tom Ford blush that I own, I also have Flush which I reviewed here. So I purchased the Wicked Blush by Tom Ford and i'm in love with it. It's a very beautiful matte pink that's not too bright but very pigmented. I'm in love with this one but there still one TF blush i'm lusting for and that's Savage which will hopefully be a Valentine's gift from my husband.

January 3, 2013

Swatches | Tom Ford Flush Cheek Color

Tom Ford Blush in "Flush"

I'm in love with this Tom Ford Flush Cheek Color.  This is my second purchase from Tom Ford Beauty, I bought the Burnished Amber Quad a few months back.  As I was trying to photograph this blush, I'm not sure these photos are true to color because i'm still learning about lighting and shooting with my Canon EOS T3i.  Nevertheless i'm very happy with this blush and how wears. 

December 9, 2012

Swatches ~ Tom Ford's Burnished Amber Quad

Tom Ford's Burnished Amber Quad

I have been wanting the Tom Ford Burnished Amber Quad ever since I saw it on another beauty blog. The colors are so velvety smooth and pigmented and it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.   Even though I was positively sure I had colors very close to these.... I told myself  I didn't!