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September 2, 2016

Beauty | My Weekly Skin Tightening Regimen | Mature Ethnic Skin Care

In light of turning 57, I decided to share my weekly skin tightening regimen on YouTube. It takes about an hour to do and I usually do it early in the morning before breakfast. It's a three step process (or four including the moisturizer at the end) using the various items listed below. For the YouTube video I had to condense it to 10 minutes which is my cut off time for my videos. All in all I highly recommend including some type of skin tightening program into you skin care regiment to keep the skin firm, tight and wrinkle free.

June 5, 2016

Beauty | SkinCeuticals is my New Skin Care Regimen for 2016

 SkinCeuticals  Medical Grade Skin Care

I've decided to move away from department store skin care and upgrade to medical grade skin care because it seems to have the best reviews for new collagen growth and proves to be more beneficial for anti-aging skin. I am still using other items such as Retin-A, Retinols, Peptides and Peels to aid my skin in elasticity and firmness.  I talked about all the products that i'm currently using in my latest skin care blog post 5-Steps to Wrinkle Free Skin as well as included a video demonstrating how I use each product in my nighttime regimen. Here's what the website has to say about each of the products that I purchased.