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February 18, 2017

Beauty | Top 10 Orange Blushes Every Girl Needs for Spring!

10 Orange Blushes Every Girl Needs for Spring
When it comes to blushes I'll definitely admit that I'm a hoarder. But when it comes to orange blushes, it's more of an obsession. When you find a color that compliments your skin tone, you tend to buy more of that color. I think I have about 24 total, but the 10 listed in this post are all permanent and still available online (links provided for convenience). I didn't think it was fair to include orange blushes that were LE or no longer available. I like to rotate my blushes giving them all some love and even though they may look new, I've actually worn all of them.

February 16, 2017

Fitness | How to Create the Perfect Protein Shake to Fuel Your Workouts

How to make a protein shake
The moment you realize that your physical journey involves so much more than just hitting the gym, it becomes a part of your everyday existence.  I knew that fruits was going to be a huge part of my diet but I wasn't exactly aware of how I was going to fit them in on a daily basis.  I wanted to have a bowl of fruit everyday for the natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients that my body needed so I was searching for ways to incorporate them into my daily regimen.

Fitness | 5 Tips For Your Gym Ready Workouts

5 Tips For Your Gym Ready Workouts
Trying to color coordinate gym outfits can sometimes be a daunting task. I myself sometimes gets frustrated when I can't find the right top to match my capri's or leggings. We want to look fashionable while working out because it does boost our self esteem, even if we haven't reached our fitness goals. I love shopping for exercise clothes and finding items on sale or at a very reasonable price. I put together some tips to help you color coordinate your gym outfits and save a lot of time in the process.

February 15, 2017

Fitness | Vitality and Youth | Free Nutrition & Fitness Guide

Visit my new "Fitness & Nutrition" Website and download your FREE copy of my new "Nutrition & Fitness Guide." Be sure and join my Newsletter so that you can be notified when my eBook launches!

February 14, 2017

Fashion | Adorable Bomber Jackets for Spring

Bomber Jackets for Spring
I've put together a selection of bomber jackets for spring to compliment any outfits. These lightweight jackets can be worn over lacy romantic tops, paired with pencil skirts, over long maxi dresses and most of all cute denim jeans. These aviator style jackets are just light enough to keep the chill off or heavy enough to keep you warm on a cool spring night out. However you fashion up your bomber jacket, you're sure to look chic!

February 12, 2017

Fashion | Pink Jackets for Spring

Pink Jackets for Spring
Today was the first time this year that I made a video for my YouTube channel. I wanted to let everyone know that I finished all my chemotherapy and that I was cancer free. I also told them that I was very self conscious because I didn't have any eyelashes (top or bottom) and that was why I hadn't made any videos in awhile. As a beauty blogger, a lot of what I do here and on my YT channel is makeup reviews. But how can I play in makeup when I don't feel myself or even look like myself. I have glasses but I hate wearing them, so I wear my contacts and go about my day. Mostly i'm in the gym everyday and I never wear makeup to the gym anyway. But when I go to church or on outings with my husband, I feel self conscious because my eyes feel so naked and bare.

February 10, 2017

Fashion | Ponchos for this Cold Winter Weather

Ponchos for this Cold Winter Weather
Layering with Ponchos is a great alternative to heavy coats during the cold winter months. They're fashionable and can be worn over a multitude of different looks. Ponchos give you a variety of looks and allows you to still look chic while keeping warm and cozy while out and about. Ponchos comes in a variety of styles and are an inexpensive option to wearing a huge coat.

February 5, 2017

Fashion | Denim Jumpsuit

Denim Jumpsuit
Take me way back to the year 2000 when jumpsuits were very fashionable... yep, that's how old this one is. It's from D&G and has a full length zipper in the front, taper pant leg that flare into boot cut with splits on the sides. I wore it with a pair of ankle boots that have a small 2" heel. BTW... yes i'm wearing blue liquid lipstick, it's by Mac and the name is Young Attitude. I saw several blogger rocking it and I was dying to see what it would look like on me.

February 3, 2017

Fashion | Adorable Top & Skirt Extenders With Hints of Lace

 Top & Skirt Extenders
Short tops, dresses and skirts are everywhere, but if you prefer a little more length - or just a little added panache - you need an Extender! Extenders are the perfect way to add length to any top, skirt or dress without any alternations. The soft, slinky material fits easily underneath whatever you’re wearing and feels great next to your skin. Undulating lace flounces peek out from tops and bottoms to add graceful movement with every step you take. 

January 30, 2017

Fashion | Hints of Leopard

Fashion over 50
I love the long lean look of this knit sweater dress. The fabric is lightweight but thick enough the keep the chill off. I paired it with a pair of ribbed tights and a leopard scarf. Everything is from my closet. I'm determined to stay on my "no clothes buy" and only feature items from my closet. I'm currently sewing and buying fabric is now my "new thing", I may only buy accessories to compliment the things I wear but no full on clothing items for now.

January 25, 2017

Fashion | Aztec Prints

Fashion | Aztec Prints
It's no fun being sick! In bed with the flu for 4 days, then I started feeling a little better and the rain came and hit us hard here in Los Angeles. I didn't dare go out in the rain in fear of getting even sicker so I decided to cut out some fabric and sew a few things that I had planned for January's sewing projects. My goal is to wear something that I made along with something that I purchased in my fashion photos from now on.

January 21, 2017

Fitness | 10 Benefits of Lifting Weights for Women Over 50

10 Benefits of Lifting Weights | Free Weights | Machines | Dumbbells

After the age of 40 we can lose 1 to 2% of muscle mass per year unless we do something about it!   Lifting weights is a must. Cardiovascular exercise alone such as running or swimming will not increase muscle mass! Here are ten reasons why I feel you should include weightlifting in your daily exercise regimen:

January 11, 2017

Beauty ~ Masqueology Lifting & Firming Mask for Anti-Aging

 Masqueology Lifting & Firming Mask
I was searching through Sephora online for Masque when I came across these facial mask by MasqueologyThere are 3 packets in a box for $24/box. I never tried these all over facial mask before and was very intrigued.... so I ordered two boxes.  I used to have very oily skin but through the aging process my skin has become a bit drier in some areas. My concentration is now on hydrating and moisturizing while lifting and firming... which seems to be the main concern for women 50+.

January 8, 2017

Beauty ~ Algenist Target Deep Wrinkle Minimizer

Algenist Target Deep Wrinkle Minimizer
I received a small sample of this Algentist Targeted Deep Wrinkle Minimizer from Sephora in one of my past orders.  I probably had it for months without even realizing what a great product it was.  So one day I was searching through my "Product Sample Stash" looking for a particular item when this sample caught my eye. I pulled it out and said to myself, humm.... I think i'll try this tomorrow.  Well, before I randomly try anything  now I always look up reviews.  I read a few positive notes on this item and decided to try it.  It felt amazing on my skin and left me with a very matte complexion.... and that was the selling point because I have very oily skin. 

Beauty ~ Clarins Instant Light | Lip Comfort Oil | Review

Clarins Instant Light | Lip Comfort Oil
I have become sort of a fanatic with my lips now that it's winter.  Lipsticks and lip glosses just haven't provided me with the kind of moisture that I need to get me through the long winter months.  Today I have to review for you the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oils. I purchased two of them to see how they'll hold up in keeping my lips moist during my fitness workouts as well as running errands. These lip oil comes in three flavors honey, raspberry and red cherry. The size is 0.025 fl ozs and cost $24 each.

Beauty ~ Clarins Extra-Firming Lift Serum

I received a sample of the Clarins Extra-Firming Tightening Lift Botanical Serum but i'm not sure where, probably Sephora. Anyway, I decided to use it one morning underneath my primer. To my amazement I noticed a few things immediately. First, my large pores were closing up, second, the lines in my forehead were disappearing and lastly, the skin around my eyes became slightly tighter.  I don't have bags or puffiness but I do have fine lines due to aging but I was sold on how this product made my skin look and feel. The packet had enough for two applications so I decided to try it again the next day just to be sure what I was experiencing was real. Well, I noticed the same things happening again and I liked the results so I decided to purchase the full tube.  This product contains 1.0 Fl Oz and cost $87.00.

January 7, 2017

Beauty | Rejuvalite MD Anti-Aging Light Therapy System Review + Video Demo @trophyskin

Rejuvalite MD Anti-Aging Light Therapy System
I was searching YouTube for skin care devices when I came across a video demonstrating the Rejuvalite MD Anti-Aging Light Therapy System. As I watched the video, I was hoping that the reviewer would show some before and after photos which they never did. I became more intrigued wondering if a system like this could really work for me. I'm 57 and have been battling ovarian cancer and undergoing chemotherapy for the last six months. My skin has taken on so many different changes that I knew I had to invest in some dermatological procedures or buy some anti-aging devices and begin using them myself. I reached out to Trophy Skin and asked if I could receive their Rejuvalite MD for review purposes, I would try it for a period of time then review it here on my blog as well as on my YouTube channel.

January 6, 2017

Fashion | Black Maxi Sweater

Fashion Over 50
 Awww this is my first fashion post of the New Year. I'm featuring this Black Maxi Length Sweater that I've own for quite sometime. I love how it's very form fitting and made out of knit.... which makes it quite warm.  I paired it with an off the shoulder waist line top and a pair of charcoal leggings... both pieces are from my closet. The snakeskin boots are made of the faux leather which is fine by me, they're very comfortable and I've had them for quite sometime also. The jewelry is also quite old, the necklace is a choker style and full of stones of various color and sizes. The bracelet is a circle of large rhinestones in a dark tan color...not sure what this color is called but it's so beautiful and vintage looking and I love this style.

January 2, 2017

Celebrating Cancer Free | From Chemotherapy to Glam

I'm coming to the end of my ovarian cancer journey. I've had a hysterectomy and I've almost completed my 6mos of Chemotherapy. This has been an emotional time for me, I've have times when my mind went into some very dark places and have had to rely on family to bring me back into the light. Prayer and lots of support has gotten me through this diagnosis and I can say with a warm heart that it has taught me a lot about friendships and commitments. Am I cancer free? My CT scan shows no signs and my CA 125 levels are almost down to "0" from being in the low 100's. I've done everything I possibly could to aid the chemo in healing my body and the words from my Oncologist is that I'm now Cancer Free!

December 28, 2016

Sewing | Victorian Lace Fabric Haul

 Today I made my first ever Fabric Video Haul which you can watch below featuring these beautiful fabrics that I picked up from the Los Angeles Fashion District this weekend. I'm in love with all these beautiful fabrics and my goal is to make a victorian vintage skirt like the one shown in the photos below.