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February 2, 2016

Beauty~ Smile Brilliant LED Professional Teeth Whitening System Rview

Smile Brilliant Professional Teeth Whitening SystemI had the opportunity to review the Smile Brilliant LED Professional Teeth Whitening System in the comfortability of my own home.  There was quite a bit of information to read beforehand which was very helpful in determining the correct way to use the products. Inside the package you will find 1) a high intensity LED accelerator light, 2) a teeth whitening gel pin, 3) upper and lower protective trays 4) a spare brush and 5) a detailed instruction brochure.

November 24, 2015

Beauty ~ Venus White Teeth Whitening Touch Up Brush

Venus White Teeth Whitening Touch Up Brush
I had previously been using the Rembrandt Whitening Strips which I thought was pretty effective, but I was also very eager to try thisVenus White Touch Up Brush when it arrived.

I'm just beginning to switch from the Rembrandt to this product so I can't really give a detailed review, also my teeth are pretty white so I can't take before and after photos either. I think it's always best to use something on a regular basis to keep the teeth as white as possible and this is just another item added to my arsenal.

November 23, 2015

Beauty ~ Venus White Pro Teeth Whitening Kit

Venus White Pro Teeth Whitening Kit

My first foray into teeth whiteners was quite awhile back.  I was getting them professionally whitened at a salon.  But since my early retirement, I begin researching teeth whitening systems on my own to see what worked best for me.  I was using Rembrandt Whitening Strips for a long while because they're very easy and quite effective over a period of time... but you have to keep using them daily to keep the results pleasing.  Then I tried the Venue White Touch Up Brush and reviewed it back in Feb 2014.  It worked really well and was quite effective and easy to use. But over the long haul, it became quite expensive because one pen cost around $25 and it preformed about the same as the Rembrandt Whitening Strips.  

September 25, 2015

Beauty ~ DazzlePro Advanced GT Sonic Power Toothbrush Review

DazzlePro Advanced GT SonicToothbrush

The Dazzlepro, Available on Amazon! has several key features that are very specific to maintaining the health and wellness of our teeth. It preforms optimally with minimal pressure and effort.  In addition, its time-saving, self cleaning system taps innovative UV technology to sanitize the brush heads in mere minutes, further supporting oral care and product performance.  Safe, effective and extremely easy to use, this tip-of-the-line solution from Dazzlepro puts serious boosts in your brush, helping you look your dazzling best!