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January 17, 2016

Nails ~ Purple Gel Polish with Gelish Glitter Top Coat

At Home Gel Nail Polish
I haven't did a nail post in quite sometime and truth be told, I do my nails once a week but not with gels. When I want my polish to last up to to weeks, then I do gels which is a longer process because I do them myself.  This is the gel nail polish that came in the set of 36 pots that I reviewed awhile back here, the set for $45 which is a good deal.  I talked about how well they performed and even made a YT video so you could see them up close.. it's all in the post!

June 11, 2015

Nails ~ Color Gel with OPI Comet In The Ski

Color Gel with OPI Comet In The Ski

After a week of gardening and re-potting plants, my nails were in dire need of a new mani.  I'm getting better using my new electric drill, I do plan on writing a blog post and doing a video demo using it.  The color I choose was this beautiful lavender, these are the color gel pots that I purchased from TMart.  This color applied a little streaky.  I only use two coats because they are both file off and soak off, but the more you use, it's definitely difficult to remove using either method.

May 20, 2015

Nails | Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe Glitter Polish Review

At Home Gel Nail Polish Review
 ASP is a soak off gel polish that's quite watery.  It took three coats before I was happy with the color.  After applying the third coat, I applied the Deborah Lippmann glitter polish then cured it under the light.  You can always use any kind of regular nail polish over the gel before curing it.  Usually many people wipe the sticky coating off the gel before applying any kind of regular polish but it's really not necessary.

May 6, 2015

Nails ~ Fuchsia Color Gel from JunYu Nail Systems

Fuchsia Color Gel from JunYu Nail Systems

Awhile ago I posted a Blog post along with a video showing these gel nail pots that I ordered from China, well this is the second gel color that I used from the set.  I didn't post the first color I tried because it was mainly for experimental purposes, but I must tell you that for the price of these gels, they are excellent!  Click here to read my review on these gel pots!

April 23, 2015

Swatches ~ Urban Decay Revolution Afterglow Blush, Lip Gloss & Nail Color

Urban Decay Revolution Afterglow Blush, Lip Gloss & Nail Color

Literally nano-seconds after I ordered these from the Urban Decay website it was announced that Sephora was now carrying this entire line.  I could have racked up some major points on this purchase with Sephora had I waited another day..... note to self.... have a little more patience! This blush is absolutely gorgeous! It would've definitely been in my Top 10 Blushes for Spring if I'd waited another week to write the post. 

April 18, 2015

Nails ~ Deborah Lippman + OPI = Some Enchanted Evening

Friday nights has always been my night to relax and do my nails.  Since nothing good is on TV, I can sit back relax and polish until my heart's content. My look for this week is Deborah Lippman Some Enchanted Evening glitter polish paired with OPI Aphrodites Pink Nightie.  I actually wore this combination awhile ago but didn't photograph it for some reason.  I tend to repeat my looks quite a bit and that's why I don't have as many nail post as other nail lovers have.

April 9, 2015

Nails ~ 36 Gel Nail Color System from China Sold in the US + Video

I felt like a kid in a candy store when my package arrived and saw all these little tiny pots filled with beautiful gel colors.  I could hardly wait to open them so I could record every little detail in a video just in case you're interested in ordering them for yourself.  For $45 you get 36 gel nail colors, they also carry them in 24 and 12 color sets.  You don't get the choose the colors but I didn't have but one or two duplicates in my entire package.  These are actually available here in the US because the manufacturer has a US Distributor where you can order them from.

April 7, 2015

Nails ~ Ahoy Gelaze Gel Polish by China Glaze w/Sephora Gelshine Top Coat

Ahoy Gelaze Gel Polish Sephora Gelshine Top Coat

I only do my nails once every two weeks now since i've been using gel polish.  I do go back and forth from gel to non-gel just so I can use some of my regular polishes sometimes.  For this manicure i'm using Gelaze Gel Polish in the color Ahoy by China Glaze.

March 25, 2015

Nails ~ ASP Brown Sugar Gel Polish with Martha Stewart Glitter

At Home Gel Nail Polish Review

I've almost perfected the at home gel polish techniques thanks to all the at home nail techs on YouTube.  This gel polish was by far the cheapest at $7.99 that I purchased from Sally's and I really liked the color so I though I would give it a try.  Yes it was a little runny and I had to shake like crazy before every stroke, but in the end, I liked how the manicure came out.

March 9, 2015

Nails ~ Nail Polish Bottle Nail Art Rings from eBay

Nail Polish Bottle Nail Art Rings from eBay

Have you ever wanted to see the colors of all your nail polishes on the first glance, well now you can with these Nail Art Rings from eBay.  When I first saw these I thought they were so unique.  So I did some research and finally found them on eBay. They shipped from Hong Kong and took about 3 weeks to arrive. 

January 24, 2015

Nails ~ Glimmer by Erica Nail Polishes

Haven't posted any nail photos in awhile but i'm still loving my glitters. This glitter is by a shop on Etsy called Glimmer by Erica.  I bought six nail polishes from her closeout section.  The closeout polishes cost $6 each and she sends you random polishes.  I asked for all glitters and that's what she sent.  I was very pleased with the choices she sent and I plan on ordering more in the future.

December 8, 2014

Nails ~ Deborah Lippmann Glitter Nail Polishes Swatches

 Deborah Lippmann Glitter Nail Polishes

I was gifted these beautiful glitter nail polishes by Deborah Lippmann, the person that gave them to me knows that I absolutely love glitters.  I wear them because they keep the polish on and keeps my tips from chipping. These polishes are very pigmented. All but one of them have a base color so there's no need to use a solid color underneath the glitters. I swatched the nail wands with only one swatch because I didn't want to waste the polish, but you will see how pigmented they are with just one swatch and how shinny they are without any top coat.

December 4, 2014

Nails ~ OPI Gwen Stafani's Comet In The Sky Glitter Polish

OPI Gwen Stafani's Comet In The Sky Glitter Polish

These three nail colors really compliment each other.  The OPI Gwen Stafani collection has some beautiful glitter polishes and this was one I picked up.  I do plan to pick up a few more for the limited edition polishes before they're all gone because I can see them selling out fast. 

November 20, 2014

Nails ~ Zoya Miranda Pixi Dusk

Nails ~ Zoya Miranda Pixi Dusk

In a way Zoya Pixi Dusk reminds me of glitter because it has to be soaked off as such.  Zoya has so many of these beautiful colors in a wide variety that guarantees there's something for everyone.  What I like most about these polishes is their staying power. There's rarely any polish chips which guarantees that my tips won't chip or crack while i'm wearing it.

October 4, 2014

Nails ~ OPI Gwen Stefani Holiday 2014 Nail Lacquer Collection

OPI Gwen Stefani Holiday 2014 Nail Lacquer Collection

The holiday party season is nearly upon us and it's time to get glam! This year, add a little edgy sophistication with a collection of one-of-a kind colors and unique glitters inspired by always glamorous Gwen Stefani. The holidays are the perfect opportunity to showcase our own flair for style. We shop for the perfect holiday dresses and shoes to dazzle at parties. With Gwen Stefani Holiday for OPl, you can achieve Gwen-level heights of chic with nail colors that have enough holiday flair and style to take into the new year. Start with iconic reds (a holiday and Gwen favorite!), sugarplums, silver and gold to create a base of rich color.  USA $9.00 No USA release date as of yet!

September 26, 2014

Nails ~ Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Top Haute

I'm so in love with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel line, my goal is to collect every polish in the collection, so far I have eight in counting.  I've worn this color "Top Haute" for one full week, then I decided to use a glitter for a different look.  I've chosen OPI Divine Swine glitter because the two color were very similar.  

September 15, 2014

Nails ~ Zoya Charla and Femme Fatale Spindle Web Nail Polish

Zoya Charla and Femme Fatale Spindle Web
I thought these two colors would make a great combination together. The colors are really a teal-blue-green and their are chunks of green, teal and blue in the Femme Fatale glitter polish.  I did a thin layer of gel along with a thin layer of gel top coat and cured both underneath a UV light.  Then I removed the sticky coating with alcohol and they were pretty smooth.  This allowed me to use regular nail polish to complete the look.

September 7, 2014

Nails ~ Sally Hansen No Light Miracle Gel Polish & Top Coat + Video

Sally Hansen No Light Gel Polish & Top Coat

I really want to have a love affair with this polish but it's not performing quite up to par.... yet.  I'm extremely disappointed to report that while wearing this polish one of my nails broke so I would definitely take the Miracle off the label!  While I did experience a break, this polish is great for the staying power. While I didn't experience any chipping in the 7 days I wore the polish, it didn't give my nails the hardness that I expected..

August 29, 2014

Nails ~ Zoya 2014 Fall Collection Nail Polishes

Zoya 2014 Fall Collection Nail Polishes
Zoya knocked it out of the ball park with their new line of fall colors.  I recently stopped by Ulta for some retail therapy and saw all the colors, I couldn't resist and had to purchase a few.  These aren't cheap by far, they cost $8 but in my opinion.... they are well worth it.

March 18, 2014

Nails ~ Femme Fatale Midsummer Petals Nail Polish

Femme Fatale Midsummer Petals Nail Polish
I've been wanting a pink glitter nail polish for quite some time now particularly this nail polish from Femme Fatale which is strictly an Australian brand.

Austrralian's are funny when it comes to customs and what can and cannot ship to and from their country. This particularly applies to nail polishes and due to certain custom regulations on nail polishes, they can not ship to the US.  

On the Femme Fatale website, they list partners in other countries that carry all their polishes so we have the option to buy directly from their partners.  I bought six polishes which I wrote about here