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January 11, 2017

Beauty ~ Masqueology Lifting & Firming Mask for Anti-Aging

 Masqueology Lifting & Firming Mask
I was searching through Sephora online for Masque when I came across these facial mask by MasqueologyThere are 3 packets in a box for $24/box. I never tried these all over facial mask before and was very intrigued.... so I ordered two boxes.  I used to have very oily skin but through the aging process my skin has become a bit drier in some areas. My concentration is now on hydrating and moisturizing while lifting and firming... which seems to be the main concern for women 50+.

June 5, 2016

Beauty | SkinCeuticals is my New Skin Care Regimen for 2016

 SkinCeuticals  Medical Grade Skin Care

I've decided to move away from department store skin care and upgrade to medical grade skin care because it seems to have the best reviews for new collagen growth and proves to be more beneficial for anti-aging skin. I am still using other items such as Retin-A, Retinols, Peptides and Peels to aid my skin in elasticity and firmness.  I talked about all the products that i'm currently using in my latest skin care blog post 5-Steps to Wrinkle Free Skin as well as included a video demonstrating how I use each product in my nighttime regimen. Here's what the website has to say about each of the products that I purchased.

December 4, 2013

Beauty ~ Mario Badescu Enzyme Revitalizing Mask

Mario Badescu Enzyme Revitalizing MaskI love reviewing beauty products so when I was contacted by the PR Representative from Mario Badescu Skin Care, I jumped at the opportunity!  As you all know i'm over 50 and I fall into the same category as many other women my age with the same concerns about lines and wrinkles and sagging skin, so the need to stay informed with the latest trends is extra important at my age.

Due diligence is the best option for many of us and by diligence I mean testing and trying out product samples to see if they're a fit for our anti-aging needs.  What I love about the Mario Badescu Skin Care line is that there are products for every skin type and every skin concern out there.

October 4, 2013

Beauty ~ Shiseido Deep Cleansing Pore Mask for Anti-Aging

 Shiseido Deep Cleansing Pore Mask
I absolutely love how my skin looks and feels after a 30 minute masking session.  I have different mask for different occasions and I use the Shiseido Deep Cleansing Pore Mask to get into my pores and clean out all the makeup that has build up during the week.  I also do a mid week mask using a few other different kinds of mask depending on the time of day.  I usually mask in the morning right after I wash my face.  If I don't, i'll get busy and forget about it.  Masking at night is out of the question for me because I use always wash my face in the shower using my Clarisonic.  This mask is a doosy to wash off!  It's actually a peel-off mask but if you forget that and just go for the water, you're going to be scrubbing for days.  Once it dries, it becomes pretty stiff and you can't move your mouth or make any kind of facial expressions. 

September 17, 2013

Beauty ~ Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask
When it comes to charcoal mask, I feel there's special antioxidants that draws out all the toxins in the skin... though I could be wrong. I actually bought two masks from Origins this past weekend, the second i'll review after i've tried it.  I was particularly searching for a deep pore cleansing mask that would draw out all my impurities and leave my skin feeling soft and clean and this one certainly fits the bill.

April 7, 2013

Beauty ~ Cleansing Dermabrasion and Masque for Anti-Aging Skin

Origins Dermabrasion Kiehl's Cleansing Masque Purity Cleansing Gel
One of the favorite things I like to do for my skin is to Mask.  I sometimes mask 3 times a week, it just depends on how I feel.  I like to mask with several different products and this mainly depends on the weather or other factors.    I feel deep cleansing my skin once a week helps to clean out all the impurities that build up on my skin on a daily basis.  I can't rely on my daily cleansers to do all the work and my skin really glows after my deep cleansing regimen.  For my weekly deep cleansing mask, I use the products below: