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January 25, 2016

Swatches ~ MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks | Swatches on Brown Skin + Video

MAC Liquid Lip Color Swatches on Brown Skin

These MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks are the bomb! I thought that I would try a few of these colors just to see what all the fuss was about. I actually ordered 5 of them but only 4 came. Mac shipping dept did something weird, three came in one box and one came in another box and I was like... where's the fifth one??? So I call them and the wanted to resend it but I just asked for a credit because I didn't feel like waiting another 5 days for it to arrive.... I was ready to photograph and swatch these babies!

November 8, 2015

Swatches ~ Bite Beauty Kir Royale Liptsick & Lip Glass \ Sephora Rewards Sample Set

Bite Beauty Kir Royale Liptsick & Lip Glass

I would describe this  Bite Beauty Kir Royale Liptsick as a luscious raspberry matte with lots of staying power. These are the very first products that I've ever had from Bite Beauty.  I've always seen swatches of their matte lipsticks and I always thought they were quite expensive, $24 to be exact, when Mac lipsticks are $17.  Bite Beauty isn't in main department stores but they seem to stand behind their products and hold their own against other up and coming brands such as ColorPop, Morphe, Sugarpill, and a few other Instagram made famous brands.

November 1, 2015

Swaches ~ Fashion Fair Cosmetics Foundations, Powders and Lipsticks for Brown Skin + Video

I have been loyal to the Fashion Fair Cosmetics Brand for about 30yrs. They were the first cosmetics company for woman of color to hit the major department stores.  There were a few others back then but they weren't nearly as hugh as Fashion Fair.    I've seen this company dwindle down to the bare minimum over the years and has since totally lost their competitive edge with the major mainstream cosmetic companies.   These are all of the Fashion Fair Foundations that I own and I use them lovingly.

October 10, 2015

Swatches ~ Mac Guo Pei Collection Lipstick, Lipgloss, Eyeshadow Quad and Fluidlines

Mac Guo Pei Collection

This limited edition collection was in collaboration with the Japanese Fashion Designer Guo Pei who is such a creative genius in color, style and flare.  I absolutely adore the packaging and this was probably one of the main reasons that I purchased from this collection. This will probably be my last #maccosmetics purchase this year simply because Mac has become so overpriced with their limited edition collections and their quality hasn't been all that great. I absolutely love their Fluidlines and Paintpots so I will probably continue purchasing them because I've been collecting them since Mac first launched in 2003.

October 5, 2015

Swatches ~ Mac Vamplify, MACnificent Me Luzmaria & Tresor, Dazzleshadow and Studio Sculpt Superblack Mascara

Mac Vamplify, MACnificent Me Luzmaria & Tresor, Dazzle Shadow and Studio Sculpt Superblack Mascara

I purchased the several items from the Mac Cosmetics store in my local Macy's and a few others online. I don't think that I have very many fall lipsticks so I wanted to add just a few to my stash.  I'm still not sure if dark lipsticks a flattering on women over a certain age but I couldn't resist trying these two colors since the swatches I'd seen were breathtaking and complimented the fall eye looks that i've been so eagerly trying.

August 29, 2015

Swatches ~ Nars Rikugien and Cruella Satin Lip Pencils

This was the birthday gift that I picked up from Sephora, of course I had to make another purchase so I thought I would try some of the Sephora foundation I've heard so much about.  Anywho here are the swatches.

August 25, 2015

Swatches ~ Kat Von D Bauhaus Liquid Lipstick

Kat Von D Bauhaus Liquid Lipstick

This is my first ever Kat Von D purchase.  I've been eyeing her liquid lipsticks ever since they hit the market. These aren't cheap, $24 and I must say they are well worth it.  The formula is very moisturizing, not like some of the cheaper ones on the market such as Colorpop and LA Splash.  I haven't tried Anastasia's liquid lipsticks which are $20 but I do want to buy at least one for comparison.

July 24, 2015

Swatches ~ Mac Lipsticks in Apres Chic, D for Danger, Whirl & Dangerous Swatches on Brown Skin

I haven't bought any Mac products in quite awhile so I started looking at swatches for colors that I thought would compliment my skin tone. They came out with a ton of matte lipsticks but only three of them caught my eye.  The 4th Apres Chic is one that I had for awhile but never got around to swatching or wearing for that matter.  I'm not big on wearing lipsticks during the summer primarily because I don't wear foundations... only powders.  Lipsticks make me feel totally made up so I shy away from them in the summer and keep the colors neutral on my face.  Below are swatches of these colors.

June 6, 2015

Beauty ~ Givenchy Le Rouge Couture Edition Fuchsia Irresistible Lipstick

Givenchy Le Rouge Couture Edition Fuchsia Irresistible Lipstick

In commemoration of Givenchy’s 10th year anniversary couture collection, there release of the Givenchy Le Rouge Couture Edition Fuchsia Irresistible lipstick made it’s debut for Spring in early April this year.  Due to my surgery in late April, I wasn’t able to photograph or write any post, needless to say, this item was one of many waiting to be reviewed.

March 11, 2015

Swatches ~ Chanel Emilienne Rouge Coco Lip Colour

Chanel Emilienne Rouge Coco Lip Colour

Velvety smooth and ooh so soft on the lips is the trademark of Chanel Rouge Coco Lip Colour and the Chanel Emilienne Rouge Coco Lip Colour is no exception.  Perfectly poised for Spring this colour was a must have addition to my ever growing lipstick collection  

February 16, 2015

Swatches ~ YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick Collection + Video

I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day!  Today I bring you swatches of my YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick collection.  I own 7 total and they are my most loves lipsticks.  I've worn them in several of my Lookbook post but I never got around to swatching them for you until now. 

January 14, 2015

Swatches ~ Tom Ford Lips & Boys Limited Edition Lipsticks + Video

I purchased my Tom Ford Lips & Boys miniature lipsticks on Dec 26th during the second release.  I didn't get them on the initial release during Black Friday because I wanted to see swatches on WOC (women of color) ...  and to my surprise I couldn't find not a one!  So I had to pick and choose from the swatches on the Tom Ford website which was very hard.  I only ordered one nude lipstick because i'm really not a new lipstick wearer. I also uploaded a video showing live swatches a well so you can see exactly how they look on me.

December 19, 2014

Swatches ~ MAC Pink Poodle Lipstick & Lipglass By Request Summer 2014

Mac Pink poodle Lipstick & Lipglass

This set came out during the summer of 2014 which is the time when MAC let's us vote on which products we would like to see returned as a LE (limited edition) item.  I've had this for quite awhile but didn't dare use it without photographing it first.  It's a beautiful combination that I feel compliments any complexion and skin tone.

November 10, 2014

Swatches ~ Gucci Cosmetics Electric Crimson Lipstick

Gucci Electric Crimson Lipstick

Gucci has just launched it's cosmetics line and the packaging is absolutely gorgeous! I was happy to purchase the Gucci Cosmetics Electric Crimson Lipstick. I always wondered what color Crimson was, it's a mixture between red and orange and slightly closer to orange I would say.  It's almost the exact color on the website and actually, I thought it would look a lot lighter on me than it does. 

November 3, 2014

Swatches ~ Tom Ford Black Dahlia Lipstick Christmas 2014

Tom Ford Black Dahlia Lipstick Holiday 2014

 The Tom Ford Black Dahlia Lipstick started out as a limited edition item but it clearly was a hit and so it became part of their permanent collection.  It's the ultimate of vampy Bordeaux lipstick for fall. 

August 18, 2014

Lookbook ~ My Favorite Natural Summer Lip Combination

Fashion Fair First Lady Lipstick / Iman Spice Lip Liner
I wanted to share the lipstick and lip liner combination that i've been wearing all summer!The lipstick is called First Lady Lipstick by Fashion Fair and I've had so many compliments on this combination and how natural it looks that it's become my all time favorite go-to items all summer long.

June 1, 2014

Swatches ~ Mac Mangrove Lipstick from Proenza Schouler Collection

Mac Mangrove Lipstick
Mac Mangrove Matte lipstick is a limited edition (LE) that is part of the Proenza Schouler collection released last month.  I would describe this lipstick as a mixture between a deep rose and a light red.  I haven't swatched it because it's definitely a collector's item because of the packaging, but you can definitely find swatches if you choose to. 

May 19, 2014

Swatches ~ Mac Primrose Lipstick from Proenza Schouler Collection

Mac Primrose lipstick

I pick up this gorgeous Primrose lipstick from the Mac Proenza Schouler collection that was released two weeks ago.  I haven't swatched it yet because it looks very similar to Marilyn Monroe's Goddess lipstick.  I don't wear that many dark lipsticks and I would like to keep this one in tack because it's just so darn beautiful!

February 28, 2014

Swatches ~ Mac Viva Glam Rihanna Lipstick and Lipglass

Mac Viva Glam Rihanna Lipstick and Lipglass
I love it when a brand comes out with a matching set like the Mac Viva Glam collections.  This combination is quite spectacular that i'm sure i'll find myself wearing it quite often.

January 15, 2014

Swatches ~ Flat Out Fabulous from Mac Retro Matte Collection

 Mac Flat Out Fabulous
Is it possible that a girl can't have enough Fuchsia lip colors in her stash?  I own quite a few fuchsia's but not nearly as many as Coco (Ice T's wife) owns in pinks. Seriously, she owns pinks from every makeup brand on the market today. Yes we're talking over a thousand lip colors in pink! She showed her stash on an episode of their reality TV show and I was mesmerized.

Mac Flat Out Fabulous is a permanent color that came out awhile back (Sept 2013) to be exact.... I know, i'm behind in swatches but who isn't! This was a part of the Retro Matte collection of formulas that are pretty awesome I must say.  Mac describes this lipstick  as a Bright Plum which compliments all types of skin tones.