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April 24, 2014

Lifestyle ~ Joint Health from Nutritional Supplements

Joint Health from Nutritional Supplements
Sometimes I need extra support for my joint health and have to rely on nutritional supplements from outside sources. These come in the form of capsules, tablets, chewables and powders that are added into my daily routine on a continuous basis.

It's no secret that i'm an avid juicer and make green drinks regularly, just click on the Lifestyle tab to see all my post on juicing.  While I feel juicing provides me with so much of my daily requirements of vitamins and minerals naturally, there are some days when I feel I need extras.

I cycle everyday, do yoga and lift weights regularly and sometimes I experience aches in my joints.  I'm over 50 and I want to make sure my joints are in tip top shape and I will do what I have to to keep them from falling apart!

August 12, 2013

Anti-Aging ~ Sciatica Seat Cushion for Lower Back Pain

I ordered this Sciatica Seat Cushion online from Harriet Carter. I was so surprised when it came because it was so small. I didn't intend to use it for my cycle but it was so small that I didn't have a choice. It's the cutest thing and it fits perfectly over the seat of my exercise bike.  Prior to using this on my bike, I was using just regular pillows secured with rubberbands.  Actually, the only way to keep this pillow over the seat is to use rubberbands to keep it in place, or else it will definitely fall off.

Anti-Aging ~ Contour Cushion for Lower Lumbar Spinal Back Comfort

I have a little story to tell.  On Mother's Day my husband and I went to breakfast that morning and that afternoon we went bike-riding at the beach.  We had a beautiful ride, the weather was nice and the sun was shining.  We rode for about 1.5 hrs and headed back to the parking lot where our  4-wheel drive was parked.  As I was riding through the parking lot, which had very loose gravel and rocks, my front tire hit something and I lost my balance and fell.