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March 24, 2014

Fashion | My Choice - Aquamarine Gems from Angara for the Spring!

Just like everyone else, I am a big fan of the Oscar Awards as well. This time the jewelry that completely stole my heart was worn by the beautiful Jessica Biel. 

This gorgeous lady made a bold choice by wearing some stunning Aquamarine gems to adorn her for the star studded night. Her drop earrings and bracelet set with those beautiful Aquamarine gems took my breath away!

I desperately searched for some elegant Aquamarine jewelry online as I have thought to flaunt this stone in the upcoming spring season. While browsing for the same, I came across a collection of irresistibly beautiful jewelry at

February 10, 2014

Fashion | Olia Box Monthly Jewelry Subscription Service

Olia Box  Monthly Jewelry Subscription Service
Olia Box is a subscription based, monthly delivery of beautiful accessories, hand picked especially for you.

Each item is personally hand selected, desiring to give you a sense of adventure and curiously. Imagine putting the perfect outfit together and having beautiful babbles to select from at your fingertips!

For only $25 or $35, you get the excitement of receiving a surprise box each month, filled with fabulous accessories to wear on numerous occasions. You can also choose the option to receive one box free if you sign up for an entire year!

June 1, 2013

Fashion | Betsy Johnson Pink Necklace and Earrings for Spring

Betsy Johnson Jewerly

Pink is one of my favorite colors so when I saw this cute necklace and earring set, I knew I had to have it.  I bought three sets and i'll highlight each of them individually.  This is the first set.

May 16, 2013

Fashion | Bangles by Amrita Singh

Bangles by Amrita SinghAmrita Singh was on Hautelook back in April.  I've seen a few of her pieces in magazines such as Marie Clair and Cosmo, so I was very excited to see what pieces were being sold. On the day her products went live, there were about 30 pieces listed and so many to choose from, but I narrowed it down to these three.  I absolutely love jewel tone colors and I knew I had to have the green and burgundy one.  The deep brown one was something to add to my already growing collection of bangles.

May 1, 2012

Fashion | Wooden Necklaces

Love my Wooden Necklaces

This is a very pretty set that compliments a lot of my summer dresses.  It's wooden but has a glossy metallic feel which is so cool.  I purchased this while shopping downtown LA in the garment district.  There's so much going on down there that you simple cannot come home without anything.  I actually purchased three sets which I will highlight them all individually

November 19, 2011

Jewelry ~ Armoire and Jewelry Carousel

Armoire and Jewelry Carousel I purchased this Earring Rack from Store Supply for $22.95.  This rack is huge and holds over 200 pairs of earrings.  I don't think I have a lot of earrings because my stash only filled up one side of the rack.  I plan on doing an actual Jewelry video showing some of the cool pieces i've collected over the year.  Some of my pieces are very outdated from the 80's and 90's but it's fun keeping things around to actually see they'll become antiques.

March 28, 2011

Storage ~ Antique/Vintage Musical Jewerly Box

Antique/Vintage Musical Jewelry Box!
This is the cutest thing! I've always wanted to give my Granddaughter a keepsake and what a wonderful keepsake I found in this Vintage Jewerly Box.  It plays such a wonderful melody, I can't figure out the song but i'm sure the song is from the 40's. I wonder what my Granddaughter would think of it.  She's only 7yrs old so I decided I would just keep it until she's about 10 or 11, that way she'll appreciate it more.