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October 24, 2016

Lookbook | Urban Decay Electric Palette | Instagram

This is a look that I created for Instagram with the Urban Decay Electric Palette.  The colors are actually very vibrant, I'm just learning how to use my new camera.  I have the Sony a5000 and it's really like a DSLR where I have to adjust all the settings and learn how to use it without using the flash.  Hopefully the photos will become more "true to color" as I go along and get better at it!

May 8, 2016

Lifestyle ~ My Week In Instagram 5/8/16

Happy Mother's Day to all my beautiful mothers and friends around the world! This week I did some rollerskating at the beach, lot's of fitness selfies, I cook everyday but highlighted a few favorites, I decided to do a wig comparison with me and the queen Bey because I called out her hair stylist for sending her to the Met Gala with that mess on her hair!  All in all... another great week!

April 15, 2016

Lifestyle ~ My Week In Instagram 4/15/16

@goddesslily on Instagram

My life is all about me.... sure i'm a mother... a wife... and a grandmom but I realized that i'm also the rock and foundation of my family..... I organize, coordinate, plan and communicate with everyone about all the decisions going on in their lives.  So of course I have to keep me together because if I don't.... who will they call!  I love going to the gym... I mean I love it.  I go everyday from 1pm to 3:30pm and I love wearing cute exercise clothes.  Now you already know I love makeup so I don't even have to mention that because I apply eye makeup whether I leave the house or not.  It's a habit, I put on my contacts and do my eyebrows then do my eyes.... individual eyelashes and all.  But as far as what I wear to the gym... it has to be cute and tight because I hate baggy fitting active wear. My boobs are my assets so I show them religiously.... bra tops, tight tanks and leggings is my thing.  The younger girls wear cheeky shorts and bra tops showing their abs and cheeks and I love that they're young and comfortable enough to walk around showing their goods.... more power to them.... but all they see from me is a little top boob..... more appropriate for this over 50 gal! Goddesslily on Instagram

November 14, 2015

Lookbook ~ My Week in Instagram 11/14/15

mature | over 50 Beauty Blogger | #womenofcolor |#brownskin

I can't believe that I've only posted once in the last week here on my Beauty Blog.... honestly, I'm not neglecting her it's just that I haven't taken the time to do any photography of the huge stash of makeup that I need to review.  So.... this week I've been weight lighting very hard and have finally started to see results around my tummy and a few other areas as well.  I made and uploaded two videos, one which I demo'd using the NuFace Skin Toning Device and another one on the Salonlabs Indian hair that I recently tinted lighter.  There's couple of photos showing my makeup of the day which I always post on social media along with a detailed description of everything i'm wearing in the photos.  I hope that you're following me on IG... I always follow back as well.

November 7, 2015

Lookbook ~ My Week in Instagram 11/7/15

mature | over 50 Beauty Blogger | #womenofcolor |#brownskin

Some of the makeup i've been playing with this week.  I think people get confused when I tell them that I spend 2hrs in the gym everyday working out.  I think they expect me to not wear any makeup and go barefaced.  Well... I always dress my eyes, I don't have any eyebrows so I always have to pencil and contour them in also.  I wear eyeshadow eyeliner, mascara and individual eyelashes, about 4 on the corners of each eye everyday.  I paid $3200 for upper eyelid surgery and i'm going to wear eye makeup until the day I leave this planet.  I don't really wear my wigs to the gym and that's why most of my looks are without them, I also don't really sweat while i'm lifting weights so I can get away without foundation as well. Since I do all my cardio outdoors and not in the gym, I usually can go run errands after my workout and just add a little mineral powder to touch up.

September 23, 2014

Instagram: Featuring Eyeshadows from Impulse Cosmetics

This look was created using a few of the sample eyeshadows that I received from Impulse Cosmetics reviewed here.  I'm not too happy with the pigments which I was told shows more vibrant when you wet them.  The colors then become foiled and are harder to blend that way so I chose not to wet them.

September 16, 2014

Instagram: Featuring Deep Blue Green & Grey Eyeshadows

Posted to Instagram Feat Deep Green & Grey
One eye look featuring The Body Needs Green/Black eyeshadow along with Urban Decay Junkie from the Vice One Palette and Mac Rain Drop pigment to create a gray effect on the inner corner.

February 23, 2014

Lifestyle ~ Instagram In Review Week Ending Feb 22nd

Many of the photos I take on my cellphone never find their way here on my Blog.  Once I share them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter I tend to forget about them.  I've seen other Bloggers write an Instagram review so I thought I would start doing the same.  I think it makes a great Sunday post and I look forward to sharing these non-formal moments with you on a weekly basis!