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December 10, 2014

Beauty ~ How to Revive Your Cream Eyeliners Using Duraline by Inglot + Video

I finally ordered some Duraline from Inglot to review my beloved Inglot gel eyeliners which i've had for about 3 or 4yrs now.  I bought these when Inglot first launched so whenever that was, that's how long i've had them.  I've seen other people have success in reviving their eyeliner so I thought I would give it a try.  It's also recommended that using regular eye drops would revive them as well, but there's so many eye products on the market, I thought I would just order the Duraline from Inglot and call it a day!

November 30, 2014

Beauty ~ Inglot Pro Blending Sponge

Beauty ~ Inglot Pro Blending Sponge

This is the second pro blending sponge that I've ever owned.  The one that I use frequently is by Mac Cosmetics. These sponges work well for blending liquid foundations and liquid concealers by creating a flawless finish.  I find that I can use them to blend a lighter concealer into my foundation without showing any lines of demarcation.

October 3, 2014

Swatches ~ Inglot Liquid Eyeliner #25 Black

Inglot Liquid Eyeliner #25 Black

I was searching online for "black liquid eyeliners" and I came across a review on this exact eyeliner.  In the review she referred to it as "#25 black" and purchased it directly from the Inglot website.  Inglot goes by a number system so you have to know the exact number of the color you're looking for or else you'll get the wrong color.  I really liked her swatches and what she wrote, so I decided to order it based on her opinions.  It wasn't very expensive, it only cost $11.00 so I ordered a few other items which I'll highlight in another blog post. 

April 17, 2011

Swatches ~ Inglot Cosmetics Gel Liners, Lip Sleeks and Blushes

Inglot Cosmetics Blushes, Gel Liners, Lip Sleeks

Inglot Blushes - I really like the Inglot blushes! These were my favorites out of all the items I bought. The color payoff is spectacular and you need very little for it to show up.  I tried using different blending brushes and every time I hardly had to swipe the product for it to show up. So my review is you need very little of this product and you get lots of bang for your buck.