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December 17, 2014

Fitness | De-Carb GCX Coffee Bean & Green Tea Extracts for Ultimate Weight Loss

 De-Carb GCX Coffee Bean & Green Tea Extracts

I was in my local Sams Club when I saw a huge display with towers of these bottles everywhere and tasting cups for us to try this product.  I have to say that anything that has to do with weightloss will grab my attention no matter what store i'm in.  So I ventured over and picked up a cup and gave it a try.  It was very tasty and all I could really taste was the green tea flavor. 

October 14, 2014

Fitness | Keeping Weight Loss Under Control with Albolene, Walking, Cycling & Healthy Eating

Fitness Over 50, Over 50, Fitness, Weightloss, Weightlifting

When I first started wrapping and walking with Albolene I wrote a very in-depth Blog Post  about my experience, you can read about it HERE.  Ever since then, I've been trying out so many different things but i've always come back to the wrapping and walking.

July 23, 2014

Fitness | Waist Corset Training For a Slimmer Waist + Video

Waist Corset Training For a Slimmer Waist

Well I have joined the band wagon on the waist corset training.  I've been following some of my favorite ladies on Instagram and they're all doing the waist corset training. Some of their results were down right amazing and I was convinced enough to give it a try.

January 19, 2014

Fitness | How I lost 10lbs and Maintained my Weight Loss

This is so emotional for me because i've been struggling with my weight ever since I hit menopause. It's been fluxuating up and down like a seesaw and i've never seen an actual real life improvement until now.  Just to give you a little insight, i'm 54yrs old and i'm 5'7", my highest weight was at 145lbs. I couldn't fit in any of my size 4 jeans so I basically only wore stretch pants and leggings.  I was exercising twice a day and I still couldn't get my weight past 145lbs for the life of me, no matter how hard I tried. Enter juicing.  I wrote a post on New Year's Day, which you can read HERE about changing my lifestyle and incorporating juicing into my daily nutritional routine.

October 18, 2013

Fitness | How I Maintain my Weight Through Cardio & Weightlifting

Fitness Over 50, Over 50, Fitness, Weightloss, Weightlifting

I was inspired to take these photos and write this post as a result of the backlash from all the haters who tore into Maria Kang for the photo she posted of herself and her boys on her Facebook page.  I think she's beautiful, toned and fit and has a tremendous amount of self love and respect for herself. Haters will never understand that kind of self-love because they have never leaned it.  I'm 54 years old and I absolutely love my body and staying healthy and fit.  I will never be a size 0 nor will I be a size 16, but I will always be healthy and fit as long as I am in this body.

August 12, 2013

Fitness | Why I'm a Firm Believer in Walking and Wrapping with Abolene

Fitness Over 50, Over 50, Fitness, Weightloss, Weightlifting

Okay guys, here's this weeks motivational pictures. I have declined to give you the exact amount of my weight simply because I don't have to but just know i've reached my size 2 goal.... holla!!!  In any weight.... I mean rate, I hope you're off the couch and wrapping and walking! If you're new to the walking bandwagon and want to know what i'm talking about, read the posts below and watch the video included in the post.

Fitness | 30-day Fitness Challenge Results ~ Featuring "Firm Me Up" Anti-Cellulite Cream (Part 2)

Fitness Over 50, Over 50, Fitness, Weightloss, Weightlifting
 In June I was contacted by UP Beauty Solution-based Skinscare Inc., located in Los Angeles, CA.  inviting me to try their Firm Me Up Anti-Cellulite Cream for a 30-day challenge, well  I jumped at the chance.  I also wrote a lengthy Blog post with lots of before photos, you can read about my initial Firm Me Up challenge here.

I applied the cream religiously to my thigh area every night before I retired.  I waited until after I showered because the PR rep told me that the cream reacts better if the body is nice and warm.  Some nights I even wrapped my thighs with saran wrap to intensify the heat.  

July 16, 2013

Fitness | Lose Unwanted Inches Walking and Wrapping with Albolene

Fitness Over 50, Over 50, Fitness, Weightloss, Weightlifting

I'm truly a firm believer of wrapping my body with Albolene and saran wrap for weight lost and burning fat.  I spoke in-depth about it in several blog posts HERE and HERE with more photos when I first started my weight loss journey.  My body stores fat because i've reached a certain age where i'm supposed to have a cushion if you will.  My body doesn't know any better so every little morsel of food I eat stores as fat.

June 26, 2013

Fitness | 30-day Fitness Challenge Featuring "Firm Me Up" Anti-Cellulite Cream (Part 1)

Firm Me Up Anti-Cellulite CreamI was recently contacted by UP Beauty Solution-based Skinscare Inc., located in Los Angeles, CA asking if I would be interested in trying their "Firm Me Up" Anti-cellulite cream for 30-days.... thus a 30-day fitness challenge.  This challenge was extended to Beauty, Fitness and Health Bloggers throughout the So. California area.  I was super excited and definitely up for the challenge because afterall.... I am a fitness fanatic.

June 21, 2013

Fitness | Is Albolene Really Effective for Weight Loss and Removing Cellulite?

Albolene for Weight Loss & Removing Cellulite

I've been using Albolene for removing unwanted cellulite for well over a year now. It all started when I vaguely heard someone in my Yoga class mention that Albolene had helped them shed unwanted cellulite from their waist after using it for a period of time with a waist belt. Well, i'm one of those people that can't take anyone's word, I have to try everything for myself. So I placed my order for the Waist Belt and for the Abolene and could't wait for it to arrive. There's another option that does the same thing called Sweet Sweat which I discovered after using Albolene for awhile.

August 10, 2012

Fitness | Green Coffee Bean Extract and Alli/Orlistat Weight Loss Capsules

Fitness Over 50, Over 50, Fitness, Weightloss, Weightlifting
These are the two supplements I take regularly to help me reach my weight loss goals.  My goal initially was to lose 5lbs but I recently increased it to 10lbs because I want to bring my weight back up by adding muscle.