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February 27, 2017

Fashion | Colorful Abstracts

Fashion | Colorful Abstracts
Life has a way of throwing a curve ball just when you think everything is going perfectly. Since I finished my chemo in January my immune system has been going hay wired. I've had a cold for three weeks now and I have no idea how to get rid of this darn thing.  I'm taking Golden Seal & Echanachia which are natural herbs and drinking lots of warm teas with lemon and honey.  My doctor refuses to give me a flew shot or any antibiotics... he says my system has to become responsive again and fight off the flu naturally.  Okay I can live with that but how long is this supposed to take? 

February 14, 2017

Fashion | Adorable Bomber Jackets for Spring

Bomber Jackets for Spring
I've put together a selection of bomber jackets for spring to compliment any outfits. These lightweight jackets can be worn over lacy romantic tops, paired with pencil skirts, over long maxi dresses and most of all cute denim jeans. These aviator style jackets are just light enough to keep the chill off or heavy enough to keep you warm on a cool spring night out. However you fashion up your bomber jacket, you're sure to look chic!

February 12, 2017

Fashion | Pink Jackets for Spring

Pink Jackets for Spring
Today was the first time this year that I made a video for my YouTube channel. I wanted to let everyone know that I finished all my chemotherapy and that I was cancer free. I also told them that I was very self conscious because I didn't have any eyelashes (top or bottom) and that was why I hadn't made any videos in awhile. As a beauty blogger, a lot of what I do here and on my YT channel is makeup reviews. But how can I play in makeup when I don't feel myself or even look like myself. I have glasses but I hate wearing them, so I wear my contacts and go about my day. Mostly i'm in the gym everyday and I never wear makeup to the gym anyway. But when I go to church or on outings with my husband, I feel self conscious because my eyes feel so naked and bare.

February 10, 2017

Fashion | Ponchos for this Cold Winter Weather

Ponchos for this Cold Winter Weather
Layering with Ponchos is a great alternative to heavy coats during the cold winter months. They're fashionable and can be worn over a multitude of different looks. Ponchos give you a variety of looks and allows you to still look chic while keeping warm and cozy while out and about. Ponchos comes in a variety of styles and are an inexpensive option to wearing a huge coat.

February 5, 2017

Fashion | Denim Jumpsuit

Denim Jumpsuit
Take me way back to the year 2000 when jumpsuits were very fashionable... yep, that's how old this one is. It's from D&G and has a full length zipper in the front, taper pant leg that flare into boot cut with splits on the sides. I wore it with a pair of ankle boots that have a small 2" heel. BTW... yes i'm wearing blue liquid lipstick, it's by Mac and the name is Young Attitude. I saw several blogger rocking it and I was dying to see what it would look like on me.

February 4, 2017

Fashion | 12 Inexpensive Valentine's Day Lingerie Options For Your Special Day

 Inexpensive Valentine's Day Lingerie
As Valentine's Day approaches, I've selected 12 inexpensive lingerie options for your special day. Why not change into something really sexy and pretty that makes you feel very girly and feminine! While doing this for yourself.... imagine how your significant other will knowing men absolutely love pretty lingerie.... he'll be all over your!

February 3, 2017

Fashion | Adorable Top & Skirt Extenders With Hints of Lace

 Top & Skirt Extenders
Short tops, dresses and skirts are everywhere, but if you prefer a little more length - or just a little added panache - you need an Extender! Extenders are the perfect way to add length to any top, skirt or dress without any alternations. The soft, slinky material fits easily underneath whatever you’re wearing and feels great next to your skin. Undulating lace flounces peek out from tops and bottoms to add graceful movement with every step you take. 

February 2, 2017

Fashion | Sheer Mesh Legging Guaranteed to Up Your Fitness Game

 Sheer Panel Mesh Legging
Take your fitness workout up a few notches with these inexpensive sheer panel mesh leggings in a variety of colors and styles guaranteed to make you work out twice as hard. 

January 30, 2017

Fashion | Hints of Leopard

Fashion over 50
I love the long lean look of this knit sweater dress. The fabric is lightweight but thick enough the keep the chill off. I paired it with a pair of ribbed tights and a leopard scarf. Everything is from my closet. I'm determined to stay on my "no clothes buy" and only feature items from my closet. I'm currently sewing and buying fabric is now my "new thing", I may only buy accessories to compliment the things I wear but no full on clothing items for now.

January 25, 2017

Fashion | Aztec Prints

Fashion | Aztec Prints
It's no fun being sick! In bed with the flu for 4 days, then I started feeling a little better and the rain came and hit us hard here in Los Angeles. I didn't dare go out in the rain in fear of getting even sicker so I decided to cut out some fabric and sew a few things that I had planned for January's sewing projects. My goal is to wear something that I made along with something that I purchased in my fashion photos from now on.

January 6, 2017

Fashion | Black Maxi Sweater

Fashion Over 50
 Awww this is my first fashion post of the New Year. I'm featuring this Black Maxi Length Sweater that I've own for quite sometime. I love how it's very form fitting and made out of knit.... which makes it quite warm.  I paired it with an off the shoulder waist line top and a pair of charcoal leggings... both pieces are from my closet. The snakeskin boots are made of the faux leather which is fine by me, they're very comfortable and I've had them for quite sometime also. The jewelry is also quite old, the necklace is a choker style and full of stones of various color and sizes. The bracelet is a circle of large rhinestones in a dark tan color...not sure what this color is called but it's so beautiful and vintage looking and I love this style.

December 25, 2016

Fashion | Victorian Gothic Hi-Low Maxi Skirt

I love the Victorian "gone with the wind" gothic flair skirts.  I've had my skirt for quite sometime and I also have it in a wine color. I believe I purchased them from a small boutique store in Los Angeles that has since gone out of business. I fell in love with these adorable Sam Edelman Winnie Boots when I spotted them at DSW Shoe Warehouse, I got them for $99 in the color black suede. My pink suede jacket is very lightweight and perfect to wear over a sleeveless top as I have done.  Even though it was cool in LA... around 65 degrees out, the sun was still shining so wearing a sleeveless top was perfect underneath this jacket.

December 16, 2016

Fashion | How to wear a wrap shawl

Fashion Over 50
 Nothing special, this is how I dress on a daily basis.... leggings, a blouse, flats and a wrap shawl to keep warm up top. It's never below 60 here in Los Angeles and when you're in menopause all you need up top is a shawl in case the wind blows.... ha ha.  I'm so sorry about all my east coast, mid-west and southern friends, I know it's cold but just think of how beautiful the snow falling is this time of the year.  I'll never have a snowy white background in my photos and I really envy all of the ladies that I follow when I see those beautiful snowy backgrounds on their photos.

December 4, 2016

Fashion | Trench Coat Dress

I've had this trench coat for about 5yrs and it's from Bebe. This is the second time that I wore this trench coat as a dress, it's a very light pink color and I pared it with a wide beige belt, a beige shawl, beige purse and some pink flats.  It looks great with a pair of heels or flats as I've worn them with in this post. My camera is 5yrs old and my settings are very limited so the colors just won't show as vibrant as I want them to.  I have a Canon T3i and I hear they're up to a T6 or T8 by now. I actually have a new one on my Xmas wish list but I'm not sure I want to splurge right now. We have an upcoming ski trip planned in January during the MLK that I need to prepare for now.

November 27, 2016

Fashion | Reds & Browns + Video

Fashion Over 50
It rained today so I wasn't going to go out of the house at all and take photos unless it stopped. By 3pm it stopped so pieced together this outfit and headed out with my Canon t3i to see if I could get some in before the night fell.  It was still pretty cloudy out so I had to crank up the ISO to 6000... it's probably why my sort of burgundy hair looks kind of red. Nothing exciting to report about this outfit, the crocheted knit topper came from Macy's maybe 5yrs ago... the brown top was from bought probably around the same time and the skirt.... well I collect maxi skirts so I have probably two dozen of them!

November 20, 2016

Fashion | Fall Into Patchwork + Video

Over 50 Fashion #patchwork , miu miu boots
I'm so glad that I didn't give this little patchwork set to goodwill! Ladies.... you know how we are, if it goes out of style and you think you're never going to wear it again... think again!  I've had this set for 15yrs, they're by a company called Miu Miu.  I bought it at a little boutique in New York when I was on a layover... I used to be a flight attendant for 20yrs but i'm retired now.  

November 13, 2016

Fashion | Taupe and Olive Green Stirups

 One of my favorite pants to wear in the fall/winter are my stirups from the '80s.  I have several colors and I absolutely love them. The fabric is sort of like a shiny cotton that's somewhat stretchable.  I think back in the 80's stir-ups didn't have that much lycra in them and weren't that stretchable.  I have gained weight where I couldn't fit them but never gave them away to goodwill, I knew one day that I would get back down and be able to squeeze into them again.

November 6, 2016

Fashion | Purple & Grey

Fashion | Purple & Grey
Being retired... it's hard not to get up and put on a pair of leggings...... leggings are my life right now and I have plenty of them. I have to separate them from gym wear to casual wear because leggings meant to be worn in the gym has quite a bit of lycra for the stretch and pull. Even if I don't make it to the gym, I can turn my gym leggings into something a little fashionable by throwing on a pair of boots and a great top and go run errands.  Living in CA it's quite the norm to wear legging everyday.

October 30, 2016

Fashion | Browns and Neutrals

 I must say that I really like this shawl because it's so lightweight. It's made from very thin yawn and i'm not sure what the correct name for it is but I was inspired by the neutral colors. I must admit that the pants were wide leg pants and I made them into skinny legs. It's quite easy to turn wide leg pants into skinny leg pants and all you need is a sewing machine.  I have a really great video on YouTube demo's how to achieve this effect and I will link the video below at the very bottom.

October 23, 2016

Fashion | Fall Inspired | Video Vlog

Fall Inspired #fashionover50
I was cleaning out a large bin full of boots in my attic and these were at the very bottom stuffed in a pillow case. I had so many old pairs of boots that I ended up donating 12 pairs to the Salvation Army. This only cleared out about half of my collection.  I have so many boots that I would love to feature and showcase with different outfits that my head is spinning. The story behind these boots are simple.... I just don't know when or where I bought them. I'm assuming that they're over 20yrs old because they're over-the-knee suede cowboy boots and you just don't see anything like them anymore.  I save almost everything... in moderation but If they're good quality and I know they won't go out of style... up in the attic they go in storage bins.