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October 10, 2015

Swatches ~ Mac Guo Pei Collection Lipstick, Lipgloss, Eyeshadow Quad and Fluidlines

Mac Guo Pei Collection

This limited edition collection was in collaboration with the Japanese Fashion Designer Guo Pei who is such a creative genius in color, style and flare.  I absolutely adore the packaging and this was probably one of the main reasons that I purchased from this collection. This will probably be my last #maccosmetics purchase this year simply because Mac has become so overpriced with their limited edition collections and their quality hasn't been all that great. I absolutely love their Fluidlines and Paintpots so I will probably continue purchasing them because I've been collecting them since Mac first launched in 2003.

June 14, 2015

Swatches ~ Fun Glitter Eyeliners from #bhcosmetics

Glitter Eyeliners from #bhcosmetics

Every girl needs a little sparkle on her eyes once in a while right?  I'm used to making my own glitter eyeliners whenever I needed a color to compliment an eyeshadow that I was wearing.  It's very easy, all you need is glitter and a mixing medium and you're good to go.  But it's always nice to have some pre-made glitters on hand for times when you're in a hurry.

May 8, 2015

Swatches ~ Looking Good and Low Lights Fluidlines from Mac Cosmetics

Looking Good and Low Lights Fluidlines from Mac Cosmetics
New from the Mac Is Beauty collection was the Looking Good Fluidline and the Low Lights Fluidlines (limited editions). Some new and others were re-released from past collections.  There were 16 total and the only two that I didn't have were these two.  I've been collecting MAC fluidlines since the mid 90's when they were first introduced.  I think I have 40 total. In my video "Sneak Peek into my Makeup Drawers" you'll see my Fluidlines and Paintpots which I also collect.

January 10, 2015

Swatches ~ MAC Dark Majesty and Gentrified Fluidlines

MAC Dark Majesty and Gentrified Fluidlines are truly some gorgeous Fluidlines from Mac Cosmetics and are both limited editions.  What you should know is that these Fluidlines can be used as bases to compliment your eyeshadows and to keep them from creasing.  I have been collecting all of the Fluidlines for about 10 years and have all of them in my collection.

December 21, 2014

Swatches ~ Lorac Front of The Line Pro Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Lorac Front of The Line Pro Liquid Eyeliner in Black
 Once again I find myself buying products that I've seen on YouTube.  In this case, this was a very good buy and something that I've found myself using over and over again.  Actually this has become my all time favorite liquid eyeliner.  

December 10, 2014

Beauty ~ How to Revive Your Cream Eyeliners Using Duraline by Inglot + Video

I finally ordered some Duraline from Inglot to review my beloved Inglot gel eyeliners which i've had for about 3 or 4yrs now.  I bought these when Inglot first launched so whenever that was, that's how long i've had them.  I've seen other people have success in reviving their eyeliner so I thought I would give it a try.  It's also recommended that using regular eye drops would revive them as well, but there's so many eye products on the market, I thought I would just order the Duraline from Inglot and call it a day!

October 3, 2014

Swatches ~ Inglot Liquid Eyeliner #25 Black

Inglot Liquid Eyeliner #25 Black

I was searching online for "black liquid eyeliners" and I came across a review on this exact eyeliner.  In the review she referred to it as "#25 black" and purchased it directly from the Inglot website.  Inglot goes by a number system so you have to know the exact number of the color you're looking for or else you'll get the wrong color.  I really liked her swatches and what she wrote, so I decided to order it based on her opinions.  It wasn't very expensive, it only cost $11.00 so I ordered a few other items which I'll highlight in another blog post. 

January 14, 2014

Swatches ~ Mac Our Secret Fluidline

Mac Our Secret Fluidline
Mac released three or four new Fluidlines in the last several months over the holiday season.  I purchased all of them because i'm a Fluidline collector.  I wear them as shadow bases when I want my shadows to really pop and I also wear them as eyeliners.

This is a very pretty copper color which glides on very seemingly.  There's no shimmers or any products which reflects light making this Fluidline matte in texture.

I checked my stash and compared Our Secret to a few other Mac Fluidlines.  I found that Rich Ground is a little more reddish, Deliciously Rich is a little more shimmery, Added Goodness is about two shades darker and lastly Ostentatious is monochrome with blue/brown highlights.

October 11, 2013

Swatches ~ Mac Deliciously Rich Fluidline

Mac Deliciously Rich Fluidline
Mac Deliciously Rich Fluidline is a very beautiful rich golden bronze color containing tiny micro-shimmers that define and sculpt the eyes. Deliciously Rich was released summer 2013 in the Mac Cosmetics Indulge Collection. Every part of this collection was filled with something special to compliment the Fall season.

Also a part of this collection was the highly anticipated and sold out Fluidline called Gilt Gourmet which I also reviewed.  These two Fluidlines would definitely compliments any Fall colors worn with them and would ultimately make those shadows stand out. Be sure and check out my review of  Gilt Gourmet and my entire collection of over 40 Fluidlines.

September 15, 2013

Swatches ~ Mac Gilt Gourmet Fluidline and My Fluidline Collection

Swatches ~ Mac Gilt Gourmet Fluidline
Mac Gilt Gourmet Fluidline is a deliciously rich vintage gold color with a slight hint of micro shimmers, just enough to wear as an eyeliner giving a very subtle look or use as a shadow base to make any color pop.  However worn, it will definitely cause a stir.  This Fluidline arrived just in time to make it's Fall debut and as I imagined, everyone's already going bananas for it.  I missed the online Indulge Collection launch which this color sold out almost immediately so I had to patiently wait for it to arrive at the counters.

I'm a collector of the Mac Fluidlines and I have all 40 of them.  I started collecting them when I realized how beautifully they glide on over my eyelids and how I could always get such a  precision line with any type of brush I used.

January 22, 2013

Swatches ~ Mac's Rapidblack Eye Liner

 Mac's Rapidblack Eye Liner
This Mac Rapid Black Penultimate Eye Liner is one of my most beloved staples.  It has lasted for almost 6mos so I though I'd finally write about it.  The tip is so sharp and precise that I get it right every time, now I see why they can't ever keep it in stock. 

November 26, 2012

Swatches ~ Mac Little Black Bow Fluidline

Mac Little Black Bow Fluidline
This is the last Fluidline featured in the set.  If you've seen the previous Fluidlines i've posted, you'll notice this one is farely close to "Catch my Eye".  They are so similar that I can hardly tell the difference myself, but all in all, I absolutely love the shimmer in it ~ ~ it's perfect for the holidays!

November 25, 2012

Swatches ~ Mac Feminine Edge Fluidline

Mac Feminine Edge Fluidline
 Feminine Edge is the second beautiful Fluidline by Mac released in their holiday collection. It has sparkles in it which give a shimmer or glitter finish.

November 24, 2012

Swatches ~ Mac Catch My Eye Fluidline

Mac Catch My Eye Fluidline
 This Fluidline is so pretty on it's own, it has little sparkles in it which gives you the holiday feel.  I didn't wear any eyeshadows because I wanted to highlight the eye liner and how it looks wearing it alone.

February 23, 2012

Swatches ~ Mac Added Goodness, Midnight Snack and Wholesome Fluidlines

Mac Added Goodness, Midnight Snack and Wholesome Fluidlines
I'm a collector of Fluidlines and Paintpots so I absolutely had to have these.  The colors released in this collection were Added Goodness, Midnight Snack and Wholesome.  Most of these colors are very plain in my opinion but I just love the creamy texture of them and well.... i'm a collector!

January 18, 2012

Swatches ~ Mac Liquidlast Waterproof Liners

Mac Liquidlast Liners

These are the Liquidlast Eye Liners that I also purchased from the CCO. The colors are very vibrant but they are extremely hard to remove. Just from applying these swatches I noticed they wouldn't wipe off with makeup wipes. I had to apply baby oil to lift the swatches off. I guest that's why they're called Liquidlast!

December 8, 2011

Swatches ~ Mally 10 Piece Automatic Waterproof Eyeliners

Mally 10 Piece Automatic Waterproof Eyeliners
I purchased this Mally 10 Piece Automatic Waterproof Eyeliner set from QVC after seeing the swatches on another Beauty Blog.  I didn't have anything like them in my collection and I thought they would make a good find.  Turns out, I absolutely love them!

August 27, 2011

Swatches ~ Mac Fluidlines in Midnight Blues, Avenue, Dark Envy

Mac Midnight Blues, Avenue and Dark Envy FluidlinesThis Mac collection is called "Mac Me Over" and although they offered a wide selection of limited edition items, I only purchased three out of the four Fluidlines offered.  I had already purchased the Dark Diversion from a previous collection.  The Fluidlines I purchased are from left to right: 

Mac Midnight Blues, Avenue and Dark Envy Fluidlines

April 17, 2011

Swatches ~ Inglot Cosmetics Gel Liners, Lip Sleeks and Blushes

Inglot Cosmetics Blushes, Gel Liners, Lip Sleeks

Inglot Blushes - I really like the Inglot blushes! These were my favorites out of all the items I bought. The color payoff is spectacular and you need very little for it to show up.  I tried using different blending brushes and every time I hardly had to swipe the product for it to show up. So my review is you need very little of this product and you get lots of bang for your buck.