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January 2, 2017

Celebrating Cancer Free | From Chemotherapy to Glam

I'm coming to the end of my ovarian cancer journey. I've had a hysterectomy and I've almost completed my 6mos of Chemotherapy. This has been an emotional time for me, I've have times when my mind went into some very dark places and have had to rely on family to bring me back into the light. Prayer and lots of support has gotten me through this diagnosis and I can say with a warm heart that it has taught me a lot about friendships and commitments. Am I cancer free? My CT scan shows no signs and my CA 125 levels are almost down to "0" from being in the low 100's. I've done everything I possibly could to aid the chemo in healing my body and the words from my Oncologist is that I'm now Cancer Free!

September 21, 2016

Lifestyle | One Month Chemotherapy Update | #chemotherapy #ovariancancer

| #chemotherapy #ovariancancer
Today I wanted to share what I ate on #chemotuesdays with you just to give you an idea of how things are going. For the most part, I haven't gotten sick at all from chemo and I've had 4 rounds so far.  On my actual chemo day, I do a liquid diet until dinnertime. Then for dinner I have soup and salad.  I have to also take a nausea pill to make sure that I keep it down but for the most part, my diet is still strong and normal except for Tuesday's. In any rate, I explained all this in my video below!

June 21, 2016

Lifestyle ~ Menopause | Hormones | Hysterectomy | Ovarian Cancer

Menopause | Hormones | Hysterectomy | Ovarian Cancer

The Present  -  My hysterectomy is scheduled for June 23rd and I'm currently 56yrs old. It all started about 3 month ago when I felt some pain on and off on my right side. I was about 2 month out from my annual GYN appointment so I decided to just wait until then because the pain wasn't that bad. To be completely honest, I was in the gym exercising everyday and my life was pretty normal. During my exam, the doctor felt something on my right side and decided to schedule an ultrasound. About 3 days later I got the call with my results, the ultrasound showed a very large mass covering my right ovary.