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December 1, 2015

Swatches ~ Charlotte Tilburry Filmstar Bronze Sculpt & Highlight Duo in Med/Dark

 Charlotte Tilburry Filmstar Bronze Sculpt

I wanted to bring swatches of the Charlotte Tilburry Filmstar Bronze Sculpt & Highlight Duo in Med/Dark because I have not seen swatches on brown skin. However, I did watch a YouTube video where the person demonstrated it on her cheeks so I already knew that the "sculpt" wouldn't work as a bronzer for me.  The sculpt has shimmers that makes me feel that it's not necessarily used as a bronzer, rather something to compliment the highlighter if that makes sense.  But I was enticed to buy this product after she swatched both colors in the video on her brown skin, they both turned out to be very beautiful as highlighters. I actually needed a darker highlighter for winter and I thought this would work perfectly for my needs... so I purchased it from the CT website.

November 3, 2015

Beauty ~ Favorite Bronze Coppery Highlighters for Women of Color

Bronze Coppery Highlighters for Women of Color

I wanted to share my love for coppery bronze colors that I feel compliment various skin tones but especially women of color. I have about 30 highlighters in my collection, half of them are from Mac and the other half are from other brands. When I look through my stash, most of my highlighters are what I call pale golden or blond golden colors which doesn't always flatter my skin.  Within the last two years I decided to search for more bronze colors that I thought would be more flattering on my complexion and this is what I have so far. Using these darker highlight colors on my brown/ebony complexion doesn't make me look too shimmery in my opinion.

August 24, 2015

Beauty ~ Beautiful Bronzers for Ebony Complexions

Beautiful Bronzers for Ebony Complexions

With summer upon us, I thought I would share my top picks for ebony complexions.  With the vast range of brown skin tones, not every product works for us so we have to be very careful not to waste our hard earned dollars on products that are hit or miss.

March 14, 2015

Swatches ~ Becca Blushed Copper Shimmering Skin Perfector

Becca Blushed Copper Shimmering Skin Perfector

Besides the fact that I accidentally dropped and cracked my newly arrived highlighter, I still had to photograph it for the blog.  This Becca Blushed Copper Shimmering Skin Perfector is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen and I predict that this will become an absolute jewel for darker skin complexions worldwide.  Before this sold out, I did place an order for another one which I will definitely handle with care once it arrives!

February 20, 2014

Swatches ~ NARS NaPali Coast Multiple

 NARS NaPali Coast Multiple

I've had my eyes on this Multiple from NARS ever since I've seen swatches.  Multiples by NARS can be worn in several different ways, as bronzers, blushes, eye or lip colors, though I can't imagine anyone wearing these on their lips.

NaPali Coast is a very beautiful color. I would describe this multiple as a coppery/peach color with a slight metallic finish.  This multiple has a duo tone blend that changes positions as the light directs itself onto the color.

I thought it would show up a little differently on me, but it's much lighter on my brown skin than I expected. This is the 3rd Multiple that I own and my favorite way to wear them is as a Blush.

October 16, 2013

Swatches ~ Tom Ford Bronzed Amber Illuminating Cheek Color

 Tom Ford Bronzed Amber Illuminating Cheek Color
Ladies... this Tom Ford Bronzed Amber Illuminating Cheek Color (discontinued) is one of the most beautiful bronzer/blush combinations I've ever seen.  This illuminating cheek color can be worn as a bronzer or applied over the cheeks giving a subtle warm glow.  For a women with brown skin like mine, this illuminator definitely takes my cheeks to another dimension. Similar to this is the Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Duo.

July 4, 2012

Swatches ~ Guerlain Terra Soleia Bronzer

Guerlain Terra Soleia Bronzer

This Guerlain Terra Soleia Bronzer (discontinued) is by far one of the most beautiful bronzers I have in my entire collection.  But i'm not sure why it's called a bronzer, if you look more closely at the swatches, it seems more like a highlighter than a bronzer, so I would definitely say that it is multi-functional. Check out Guerlain for similar Bronzers.

April 1, 2012

Swatches ~ Iman Afterglo Highlight/Bronzing Powder

Iman Afterglo Highlight/Bronzing Powder
This is such a hidden gem and it's an absolute must to have in your makeup collection!  The colors  are so pretty and I feel really compliment darker skin tones. She calls this a bronzing powder but it's actually more of a highlighter in my opinion.

November 5, 2011

Swatches ~ Nars Irresistiblement Bronzer

 Nars Irresistiblement Bronzer
  Nars Irresistiblement Bronzer is so very beautiful.  It's almost the exact color of my skin and therefore when I tried to swatch it, it didn't show up on my arm. Sometimes I prefer wearing Bronzers as a setting powder instead of wearing a loose powder.  I apply it all over my face for a very clean natural look.  Since I looked up swatches before I ordered it to make sure there wasn't any shimmer, I knew I had to have it because it was an exact match for my complexion.

September 15, 2011

Swatches ~ Guerlain Foundation | Terracotta Bronzing Powder | Transparente Setting Powder

Guerlain Foundation, Terracotta Bronzing & Transparente Setting Powders
I absolutely love Guerlain. This foundation is very lightweight and blends perfectly with my orange/reddish undertones.  I usually have to mix colors to match my skin tone but with Guerlain I have to say it was nearly perfect, almost as perfect as my all time favorite Tawny by Fashion Fair. My color in Guerlain was #25 Dior Fonce' and this foundation cost $57 for 10 fl ozs.

August 17, 2011

Beauty ~ Haulin, Nars Bronzer in Casino and Mac Blush in Fever

Nars Casino, Nars Montenegro Mac Fever, Mac Rice Paper, Mac Soft Brown

This was so unlike me buying on impulse because I never seem to pick up what I really need... that's why it's good to keep a small "wishlist" handy for any impromptu makeup shopping I do.

July 6, 2011

Swatches ~ MAC Medium Deep, Give Me Sun & Sun Power MSF Swatches on Dark Skin

MAC Medium Deep MSF, Give Me Sun MSF, Sun Power MSF Review, Swatches

These are my staples when it comes to Mineralized Skin Finishes in Naturals with zero to no shimmers.  I use these powders to set my foundations, I use them as transition colors on my lids and just to wear over my moisturizers for a wash of color when I don't want to wear foundations. I use Sun Power which is the darkest one to contour with, it's such a beautiful color that was a limited edition item along with Give Me Sun.  I use them sparingly because I don't ever want to run out although now there's so many new choices from other makeup lines for contouring and highlighting.

June 8, 2011

Swatches ~ Mac Refined Deeper Bronze - Bronzing Powder

Mac Refined Deeper Bronze - Bronzing Powder

Mac Refined Deeper Bronze - Bronzing Powder (no longer available similar here) was definitely love at first site!  When I first saw this I was visiting my local Mac counter  to pick up a sample of a different foundation I wanted to try.  Now if you know me, you'll know i'm a blush/cheek/bronzer kind of gal so it's only natural  for me to swipe a few blushes and bronzers while i'm waiting for the Sales Associate to return.

June 5, 2011

Swatches ~ Mac My Paradise Cheek Powder Surf Baby Collection

Mac My Paradise Cheek Powder Surf Baby Collection

The only item i've tested so far was the Guilty Bronze bronzer stick and I think it's so beautiful on my cheeks. I have a slight problem with bronzers showing up on me so I tend to go with darker blushes for contouring instead of bronzers. I decided to swatch this bronzer while at the Mac counter and couldn't believe the effect, it's simply beautiful and if you're my complexion, I think it'll work perfectly for you.

May 22, 2011

Swatches ~ NARS Blush Bronzer Trio (Limited Edition)

NARS Blush Bronzer Trio (Limited Edition)

This NARS Blush Bronzer Trio retails for $55.00 at but I imagine you can buy it at Nordstrom also while supplies last.  If you were to buy each item separately it would run you well over $80, so I would say you get a lot of bang for your buck in this trio. The packaging is very beautiful!  It comes in a zipper pouch which makes it very easy and unbreakable for travel.  At first glance, I though (what the heck) but once I unzipped it and saw the beautiful arrangement of powders, it was love at first site!