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October 28, 2016

Beauty | How I Reversed The Aging Process | NuFace Microcurrent Facial Toning Device | Video Demo

 NuFace Microcurrent Facial Toning Device

In 2014, at 55yrs old, clearly you can see that my eyelids was starting to droop.  The skin around my jaw line or jowls were getting a little hollow.  By 2015 my face was fuller due to weight gain and my eyelids had gotten worse. I was having vision problems in my right eye due to the extra skin and I was very unhappy with my overall appearance.  I decided to make some lifestyle changes so in April of 2015, I underwent a Blepharplasty (Eyelid Surgery) which I blogged about here and on my YT Channel.

July 8, 2016

Beauty | The Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System First Impressions

Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System

The Conture Kinetic Skin Toning System is an at-home, non-invasive device designed to treat the signs of aging quickly, effectively and painlessly.  This toning device utilizes a unique combination of isometric compression which gently lifts and releases targeted skin zones and low-frequency vibrations to safely stimulate skin.  Used daily, the system has been clinically shown to dramatically improve the signs of aging.

May 2, 2016

Beauty | Pure 100% Hyaluronic Acid and Why You Should Be Using It

 Pure 100% Hyaluronic Acid

One of the things I most love to talk about here on the Blog is items related to Skin Care.  I visit my Dermatologist once a year and leave with an abundance of information and sample products to try. I'm not new to hyaluronic acid, I reviewed it here as one of the top staples in my anti-aging skin care regimen. This is the first year that I started using pure hyaluronic acid without being mixed with anything else.  I chose this brand by Timeless, based on their reviews and purchased it from Amazon.  This is my very first step in my nighttime routine. I use it as a corrector and to prepare my face for the next step which is Retin-A.

February 12, 2016

Beauty ~ "Facial Flex Ultra" The All Natural Face Lift

 Facial Flex

I was searching for natural face lift remedies when I came across the Facial Flex Ultra, the all natural face life device on Amazon. I was absolutely amazed that this device could actually lift my jawline preventing the sagging skin that i'm starting to notice.  I'm in my mid 50's and although I don't feel like I need any kind of facial surgery, i'm not totally against it either, but for now I'll try some different remedies first. With the Facial-Flex, which only cost $65, it just seemed like the perfect remedy for solving my problem areas. 

December 27, 2015

Beauty ~ Collin Paris Phyto Stem Cell + Gel-Cream Review

 Collin Paris Phyto Stem Cell + Gel-Cream

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season!  Normally I don't write blog post about samples, I wait and get the full sized product then mention that I had tried the sample which lead me to buy it.  But.... I have to make an exception about this Phyto Stem Cell Gel-Cream because it is absolutely amazing.  At first I didn't know what to expect when I opened the package because I'd never heard of a "gel-cream"... what would it look like? To my surprise, it was a white cream which applied like a gel....does that make any sense?

December 17, 2015

Beauty ~ PeterThomasRoth Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads & the LipstoDieFor in Pink Bomshell Review and Thoughts

I will begin by saying that this is my first foray into skin peels so I thought I would begin with the  PeterThomasRoth Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads because I had previously received a sample from Sephora and really liked them. It's kind of hard to judge how your skin would react and feel to just one sample peel and to be honest, I didn't have any reaction from that one peel and that's why I decided to purchase the full size jar.  I didn't want to experience a strong reaction from any at home peels and since this was my very first one, I was quite happy with my selection.

December 14, 2015

Beauty ~ La Mer The Lip Balm Review

La Mer The Lip Balm

I have to admit that this La Mer "the lip balm" is one of those little luxuries that you must treat yourself with every once in awhile.  I tried a little sample that I bought from a beauty blog sale along with some other La Mer samples and I just loved it.  Honestly, at first glance, it looks like a big pile of wax but when you read the story behind "the lip balm" you realize that you're getting not just a lip balm but an emollient that's full of hydrants that only La Mer can put together. I was drawn to purchasing the full size because my natural lip color has turned from pink to brown over the years.  I've never smoked so I will just say it's from the elements of nature I suppose.  La Mer's entire formulation is based upon the premise of lightening and this product is no different.

December 12, 2015

Beauty ~ How I Organize my Skin Care Samples + Video

 How I Organize my Skin Care Samples + Video

I have to say that I love collecting skin care samples and rarely do I purchase from websites that don't offer free samples.  Samples is my way of trying out the product before I purchase the full size, which we all know can become quite expensive especially if the product doesn't work for us.  I'm a bit of a stickler when it comes to organization and I like being able to find things when I need them. This is my way of organizing my samples, I use plastic ziploc bags and tape labels onto them by categories. I show this all to you in the video below and I also gave you a mini tour of my makeup and filming area as well.

November 16, 2015

Beauty ~ Dermadoctor Kakadu C Serum for Anti-aging, Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Dermadoctor Kakadu C Serum

I have been using the Kakadu C since the summer so almost 5 months now.  I feel i'm ready to give this product my honest opinion and how it has affected my skin.  I take very good care of my skin especially now that i'm in my 50's.  I don't always talk about skin care here on my Blog but that's about to change.  I will begin writing about all the products that I've been using (one by one) so you will start seeing a bevy of skin care products and devices that I have been using over the last few years. 

December 4, 2013

Beauty ~ Mario Badescu Enzyme Revitalizing Mask

Mario Badescu Enzyme Revitalizing MaskI love reviewing beauty products so when I was contacted by the PR Representative from Mario Badescu Skin Care, I jumped at the opportunity!  As you all know i'm over 50 and I fall into the same category as many other women my age with the same concerns about lines and wrinkles and sagging skin, so the need to stay informed with the latest trends is extra important at my age.

Due diligence is the best option for many of us and by diligence I mean testing and trying out product samples to see if they're a fit for our anti-aging needs.  What I love about the Mario Badescu Skin Care line is that there are products for every skin type and every skin concern out there.

October 4, 2013

Beauty ~ Shiseido Deep Cleansing Pore Mask for Anti-Aging

 Shiseido Deep Cleansing Pore Mask
I absolutely love how my skin looks and feels after a 30 minute masking session.  I have different mask for different occasions and I use the Shiseido Deep Cleansing Pore Mask to get into my pores and clean out all the makeup that has build up during the week.  I also do a mid week mask using a few other different kinds of mask depending on the time of day.  I usually mask in the morning right after I wash my face.  If I don't, i'll get busy and forget about it.  Masking at night is out of the question for me because I use always wash my face in the shower using my Clarisonic.  This mask is a doosy to wash off!  It's actually a peel-off mask but if you forget that and just go for the water, you're going to be scrubbing for days.  Once it dries, it becomes pretty stiff and you can't move your mouth or make any kind of facial expressions. 

September 6, 2013

Beauty ~ Volcanic Thermal Spa Thermal Scrub by Perlier

Volcanic Thermal Spa Thermal ScrubThe first thing that comes to mind when looking at this beautiful product is having a wonderful spa like experience in the privacy of your own home... and that's exactly what I did.  I knew I wanted to experience this product in the best possible way, so I pulled out my huge body buffer brush, a hand loofah and a natural body sponge, all of which I use on different body parts for optimal results.

September 1, 2013

Beauty ~ Shiseido Ibuki Skin Care Mini Sampler Set

Shiseido Ibuki Skin Care Mini Sampler Set

Are you a Shiseido Lover? If so you might want to head on over to Macy's and pick up this $25 mini sample set containing one cleanser, one moisturizer and one toner. I was told by the sales rep that this is a new line that Shiseido is introducing and these products will be available in full size beginning next year. The Ibuki line is geared towards anti-aging, correcting imperfections and resisting future problems that could arise from normal to environmental factors. Let's take a look at each product.

August 13, 2013

Beauty ~ Qiora Water Essence Hydrating Gel

Qiora Water Essence Hydrating Gel
Qiora is a skin care line manufactured by Shishedo in Japan. It's only sold in specialty cosmetic boutiques in the US and not at any major department stores. I've been using Shishedo's skin care products for over 20yrs but i've never bought any of their specialty products until now.  When I was a flight attendant and I had trips to Japan, I would always get a facial at this small skin care boutique that was next to our crew hotel.  The ladies spoke very good English and had a steady clientele of  flight attendants from the many different airlines that stayed at that hotel on layovers .  They used some of the most amazing products that you couldn't find in the US and Qiora was one of them.