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December 16, 2016

Fashion | Just a Casual Day Out

Fashion Over 50
 Nothing special, this is how I dress on a daily basis.... leggings, a blouse, flats and a shawl to keep warm up top. It's never below 60 here in Los Angeles and when you're in menopause all you need up top is a shawl in case the wind blows.... ha ha.  I'm so sorry about all my east coast, mid-west and southern friends, I know it's cold but just think of how beautiful the snow falling is this time of the year.  I'll never have a snowy white background in my photos and I really envy all of the ladies that I follow when I see those beautiful snowy backgrounds on their photos.

November 27, 2016

Fashion | Reds & Browns + Video

Fashion Over 50
It rained today so I wasn't going to go out of the house at all and take photos unless it stopped. By 3pm it stopped so pieced together this outfit and headed out with my Canon t3i to see if I could get some in before the night fell.  It was still pretty cloudy out so I had to crank up the ISO to 6000... it's probably why my sort of burgundy hair looks kind of red. Nothing exciting to report about this outfit, the crocheted knit topper came from Macy's maybe 5yrs ago... the brown top was from bought probably around the same time and the skirt.... well I collect maxi skirts so I have probably two dozen of them!

November 20, 2016

Fashion | Fall Into Patchwork + Video

Over 50 Fashion #patchwork , miu miu boots
I'm so glad that I didn't give this little patchwork set to goodwill! Ladies.... you know how we are, if it goes out of style and you think you're never going to wear it again... think again!  I've had this set for 15yrs, they're by a company called Miu Miu.  I bought it at a little boutique in New York when I was on a layover... I used to be a flight attendant for 20yrs but i'm retired now.  

November 13, 2016

Fashion | Taupe and Olive Green Stirups

 One of my favorite pants to wear in the fall/winter are my stirups from the '80s.  I have several colors and I absolutely love them. The fabric is sort of like a shiny cotton that's somewhat stretchable.  I think back in the 80's stir-ups didn't have that much lycra in them and weren't that stretchable.  I have gained weight where I couldn't fit them but never gave them away to goodwill, I knew one day that I would get back down and be able to squeeze into them again.

October 23, 2016

Fashion | Fall Inspired | Video Vlog

Fall Inspired #fashionover50
I was cleaning out a large bin full of boots in my attic and these were at the very bottom stuffed in a pillow case. I had so many old pairs of boots that I ended up donating 12 pairs to the Salvation Army. This only cleared out about half of my collection.  I have so many boots that I would love to feature and showcase with different outfits that my head is spinning. The story behind these boots are simple.... I just don't know when or where I bought them. I'm assuming that they're over 20yrs old because they're over-the-knee suede cowboy boots and you just don't see anything like them anymore.  I save almost everything... in moderation but If they're good quality and I know they won't go out of style... up in the attic they go in storage bins.

October 1, 2016

Fashion | My Favorite Jeans for Curvy Girls | Video

I don't wear jeans that much but when I do it's a pair from my favorite brand PZI Jeans. I have jeans from this brand dating back to 2007. Before I retired I was introduced to this brand by another Flight Attendant that had curves like mine. We could only wear black jeans through the airports and they couldn't be low rise or hip huggers... yep we had a dress code. This really limited our selections because back then everything was low rise and that didn't suit the figures of the more curvier girls like me. This brand specializes in jeans that flatter curvier women without showing that top butt know what i'm talking about! 

September 17, 2016

Fashion | Pin Striped Jumpsuit | Three Different Looks | Video

 Pin Striped Jumpsuit
I put together three different outfits with this cute jumpsuit that I found from Mystylemode, a trendy online boutique that I discovered. Their prices are very reasonable for the type of fabrics they carry and this trendy little jumpsuit cost $41.00, I ordered mine in a size medium because i'm 5'7"and I weigh 135 in case you're wondering!

September 10, 2016

Fashion | Right to Bare Arms

I've had this tropical strapless halter top for quite sometime. I purchased it from JC Penny's and never worn it. I'm top heavy so I have to be very careful not to over accentuate in that area and halter tops have a tendency of doing just that. The skirt I've had for awhile also, I think I have about 5 black maxi skirts that I rotate through and I really like this one because it has a bit of a flair at the bottom.

August 21, 2016

Fashion ~ Boho Sheer Floral Maxi Button Down Dress

I was searching for sheer maxi dresses on the internet because I wanted another option to pair with leggings instead of always wearing longer blouses or sweaters.  While searching, I was not loving the prices of some of the really cute ones..... so I went to my trusted Amazon site and searched for sheer maxi dresses and so many cute ones popped up I could hardly choose.  I bought three from different sellers all in a size large. These were sellers from China and we all know clothes from China automatically run small so you have to go up two or three sizes.  I wear a small or size 4 to 6 so I ordered a large and it fits perfectly.  There's elastic in the waist and lots of room for jeans or heavier leggings.

August 5, 2016

Fashion ~What I Wore to BlogHer'16 Conference in Los Angeles

D&G Denim Pencil Skirt
Many of us have already been to a Blogging Conference during our time as a Blogger and i'm no exception. This year the BlogHer conference was held in Los Angeles, my home town so I knew I had to attend. This was my first conference and as expected, it was a blast!  I had such a good time and enjoyed meeting and networking with so many people.

May 16, 2016

Fashion | Athleisure Wear | Turquoise, Black & White

 90 Degrees by Reflex
I'll start out by saying that my husband doesn't like these leggings by 90 Degrees by Reflex that I purchased on Amazon for $19.99 but I like them and that's all that matters! I'm on a mission to get all the colors that I like because the quality of these legging are so nice and they come all the way up to my navel which I love. My hat was also purchased on Amazon here, it comes in 17 different colors for $10.50/ea.

March 20, 2016

Athleisure Wear | Atlanta Transparent Leggings

Atlanta Transparent Leggings
I follow a lot (an extremely unhealthy amount) of fitness people on Instagram and a lot of them are quite younger than myself.  I love everything about them from their toned abs right down to the food pics they post... its just sheer motivation for me if nothing else.  But lately I've become obsessed with all the new fitness wear or active wear that these young ladies seem to be wearing.... I mean i'm crushing really hard because they look really good and I'm sure they feel really good wearing it. 

February 23, 2016

Fashion ~ Why These High-Waisted Yoga Pants from Missfit Activewear are Everything

Every girl needs a great pair of leggings that speak volumes, hugs every curve and turns heads without even trying.  That's exactly what these High-Waisted Yoga Pants from Missfit Activewear did when I wore them to the gym.  I knew I was looking cute and when i'm feeling cute i'm definitely feeling more confident and I lift heavier and work harder... which is my ultimate goals.

January 15, 2016

Fashion ~ GRWM Gym Attire, Hair and Makeup + Video Tutorial #gymlife

Gym Hair & Makeup + Video #gymlife

Gym life is quickly becoming that #gymlife hashtag that I see many bodybuilders that I follow on Instagram using on their post. It's because everything about that person evolves around their #gymlife.  My wardrobe is 75% fitness wear and 25% other. My fitness wear is very fashionable and it's what I wear daily (Monday - Friday) because I spend 2hrs in the gym everyday.  I can go run all kinds of errands.... grocery shopping.... clothes shopping.., makeup shopping, etc. in my #gymlife clothes and not even miss a beat.

January 1, 2016

Fashion ~ Stripes and Solids

I promised myself that in 2016 I would feature more fashion on my Blog.... however I will admit that am not fashion forward!  I probably own more black leggings than the average woman my age simply because I wear them everyday.. and I mean everyday.  I have all kinds, expensive, cheap, elastic waists, zipper waist, stirrups, unitards and capri's. I also have a bunch of leggings in other colors as well and in a lot of bright colors... pink, blue, turquoise, yellow, mauve, olive, navy green... you name it I probably have that color and some dating back to the late 90's.... you'll see!

September 6, 2015

Fashion ~ Floral Skirt by Dolce & Gabana

 Floral Skirt by Dolce & Gabana

I have quite a bit of floral skirts both long and short because I absolutely love clothes with flowers on them.  This skirt is actually quite old, it's a size 4 and I haven't been able to fit in it until now.  I'm still on my 30 day sugar detox program and I have 9 more days to go.  I'm extremely happy with the weight that I lost so far and i'm able to wear some things that I haven't been able to wear in quite some time.  Although i'm not at my goal weight, my entire eating habits has changed.  I'm very happy to say that this journey has become a lifestyle change that i'm happily embracing and will forever continue.

August 12, 2015

Fashion ~ Swimsuit Edition: Resort Wear for Curvy Girl's + Video

 Curvy Girl's Guide to 2015 Resort Wear

I was inspired to highlight my resort wear collection for the fabulous, confident and sexy over 50 gal who's not afraid to show the world her curves.  I've had most of these swimwear sets for quite sometime and I really enjoy adding new pieces to my collection each year. 

July 31, 2015

Fashion ~ Michelle Jonas Keyhole Dress and Tie Dye Split Skirt

 Michelle Jonas Keyhole Ammo Dress
You all know how I love my maxi length dresses and of course the sexier the better.  Well when California designer Michelle Jonas' signature keyhole dresses hit the market, everyone from Paris Hilton to Hallie Berry was wearing them.  Well little ole me just had to have one too.... but not at the $250 price tag.  So I stocked the sale pages of her website until I saw one go on sale... the sale price tag was $89 and that was more in line with my price range.... so of course I bought it! I bought a size small in both pieces, the fabric is very stretchable and I wanted them to fit my small waist.

June 29, 2015

Fashion ~ Miu Miu Cat Eye 08OS Silhouettes

Miu Miu Cat Eye 08OS Silhouettes

I was particularly searching for a pair of cats when these caught my eye while shopping at Macy's.  If you haven't seen their new displays for sunglasses, it'll definitely make you stop and take a second glance.  They now carry all the top name brands, the only ones I didn't see were Chanel.

The price tag on these sunglasses were $310, I used my Macy's 20% off coupon that comes in the emails and got them down to $240.  This was quite a still for me and i'm absolutely in love with therm.

June 21, 2015

Fashion ~ Brown Maxi, Lunch and Shopping with Friends

Shopping with friends and having lunch is something I should do more often but the problem is most of my good friends are flight attendants and live out of town.... that comes with the territory of being a flight attendant  I guess.  So when someone calls you and says  "I have a 24hr layover in LA and I want to do lunch and shopping" you drop everything to have a wonderful outing and catch up on the life you once had.  I retired from my 20yr flight attendant career 5yrs ago so I don't travel as much anymore.  I purchased a lot of goodies that I will certainly do a video haul along with photos here on the Blog so stay tuned for that.