Lifestyle | Why Meal Replacement Shakes Work for Losing Weight

I have been slowly cutting back on meals in an effort to lose some weight so that I could fit into my size 4 jeans. The irony is that I love my selection of jeans and I never wanted to buy anymore in large sizes. Like many of us I have about 15 pairs of jeans mostly stretched in blacks, blues, whites, some ripped and some are capri's and they are all size 4's.  I haven't been able to wear most of them because I could never fit them over my thighs let alone my butt. So instead of buying more in larger sizes I vowed to lose some weight. These were the first pair that I tried on and they fit so I was happy. 

I hate to use the word "diet" but I feel it was what I had to do to shed some pounds and believe me, this was very hard for me to do. I started this journey at 151.5 about a month ago, maybe the beginning of May and now I am at 145.0. Here's what I had to do.... I simply had to replace one or two meals with meal replacement shakes. I started out replacing one meal, then I advanced to two meals a day.  For the first meal replacement I chose the lunchtime meal. I begin replacing my lunchtime salad with a protein shake because this was when I usually came home from the gym and I always had a salad. Since i'm retired it was easy to set my own schedule on how I wanted to consume food and the meal replacement shakes.
Since breakfast is really important, I always have a really good breakfast because it gives me so much energy during my workout. I usually hit the gym around 12 noon because that's when it is the emptiest. I eat breakfast around 10am and by the time noon rolls around my breakfast has had time to digest and convert to energy and I'm all ready to hit the weights. I chose to have my first meal replacement shake in the afternoon when I came home from the gym. If I got hungry between meals I would take two organic garcinia cambodia tablets, these are appetite suppressants because I was trying not to snack. I am also drinking a ton of water, I'm striving for two liters a day, sometimes I make it and sometimes I don't but I'm not beating up on myself if I don't. It's easy for me to consume one liter while I'm at the gym but a little hard when I come home.
After about the first 3 weeks till I gained my rhythm, I begin replacing my second meal with a shake but only once or twice a week. I chose Thursday and Friday as the days that I would do two meal replacements. So on those days I begin replacing lunch and dinner with my meal replacement shakes and taking the appetite suppressants when I felt hungry. I usually took them about an hour after my lunch shake and right before I went to bed. On Thurs and Fri I would also drink a half bottle of Kumbucha. This stuff taste like vinegar but it cleans you out. I did this because I considered these days to be a cleansing... removing the toxins and waste from my body. 
Since I'm on my journey of cleansing the toxins from my body to keep the ovarian cancer that I had last year in remission, I'm consuming an ovarian cancer protocol of vitamins and herbal supplements everyday. You can read about my ovarian cancer protocol here. After I completed my 6mos of chemo this past January, my bones have become very stiff, sometimes I can't hardly move my fingers any my lower back hurts for no reason. I elected not to take an prescribed medications because I want to reverse my body using all natural and organic foods and supplements, and this includes the meal replacement shakes. I plan to write a post on exactly what i'm using for the shakes because it's important that I stay free of artificial colors, preservatives and stay organic. So hopefully in time everything will reverse and I stop aching..... exercising everyday does help!
I'm also learning how to meditate so in the evenings I'm trying to relax more by listening to ocean music and focusing on my breathing. I'm making some progress, I can keep my mind from thought for about 5 minutes before it wanders off... then I bring it back again. Life and the quality of life is so precious.... I'm learning everyday to live in the moment. 


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