Lifestyle | Why Snacking on Dried Fruits & Nuts Gives me Joy

Canisters for Storing Dried Fruits & Nuts
I never really paid much attention to dried fruits and nuts until my cancer diagnosis. I never really ate them because I always thought that dried fruits contained too much sugar.  Sugar... even natural sugar was my enemy or so I thought.  My snacks of choice was popcorn and pretzels, while I still enjoy a bowl of popcorn & pretzels mixed together, I will only eat it once or twice a week now.

During my research for natural cancer remedies I discovered that dried fruit has a high content of natural vitamin C. I learned that vitamin C is one of the crucial vitamins that encapsulates the cancer cells causing them to become inactive. So I begin my search for dried fruit that didn't have any sugar or preservatives added. While looking around in Trader Joe's I found everything that I was searching for. I started buying different ones just to see what I liked and I'm still discovering new ones. Some of my favorites are the banana chips, dried pineapples, dried mangos and dried tangerines.

I ordered my canisters from Amazon, you can find them here and here. These are a life saver because opening and closing vacuum sealed bags is a pain sometimes so these containers were just what I needed.  I keep them on my counter top so that they are easily accessible when I want something to snack on.

I never really bothered adding nuts to my salads because they always fell to the bottom. I always knew that nuts contained the healthy fats that our body needs so I started buying them to add to my salads and to snack on. My favorites are sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, smoked almonds, sliced almonds for salads and the nut medley mixture.


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