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My Vitamin & Herbal Protocol for Ovarian Cancer
I am currently in remission from my diagnosis of Stage 2 High-Grade Serious Carcinoma Ovarian Cancer, you can read my initial story here written June 2016. Since then, I've had a hysterectomy and 6mos of chemotherapy. Before chemo, my CA-125 (cancer marker) was 54.9. When my chemo ended in Jan 2017, my CA-125 was at 6.9. The normal range is 0.0 to 0.34 so i'm within range. At the time of this writing, it is currently 6.6.

As we all know, remission doesn't mean that our cancer is completely gone from our system, it just means that there is no cancer activity or that the cancer cells have become inactive.  From the time that I finished chemo which was Jan 2017, I have been doing a huge number of things on my own to keep the cancer from returning. I should note that am not taking any prescribed medications, my body was pretty healthy before the cancer diagnosis so I suspect it will return to it's former state at some point.  All while I was having chemo, I was immersed in reading and research and was determined to put together a protocol that I could take daily to help my body recover from the effects of chemo and to boost my immune system which would ultimately keep the cancer in remission.

I am no stranger to using herbs. I used to be a distributor of herbs about 25 years ago so I'm very familiar with taking them.  One of the things that I clearly remember from back in the day was that herbs are from the earth and must me taken on an empty stomach whereas vitamins are manufactured in labs and must be taken with food.

My first stop on this journey led me to a Naturopathic Wellness Center where I met with the founder. He devised a plan to help my body cleanse, purge and heal from all the effects of toxins, chemicals, pollutants, chemo, radioactive dyes, artificial substances and all the other negative things that my body has accumulated over my 57yrs on this planet. His motto is "cure the cause not the effect" and I agree. These herbs are in addition to my vitamin program. As a final note.... during my research I discovered about 20 herbs that aid in fighting cancer and I'm happy to report that "all of the cancer fighting herbs are contained in these formulas". The "proprietary blend" information listed on the back of the bottles are available on the website for all to see.
My Vitamin & Herbal Protocol for Ovarian Cancer

It's good to remember that while taking an herbal regimen for cleansing the body, we must take supplements for building the body also. Thus vitamins are a very important factor in our lifestyle because vitamins can provide the building blocks that our cells need to build and repair our bodies. 

For this portion of my protocol I turned to a Natures Sunshine Representative whose been living a vegan lifestyle to point me in the right direction. (This person also referred me to the Wellness Center above). After our initial phone consultation, I began researching vitamins that I felt would help build my system and compliment my herbal program. With her recommendations, I created a program that I felt would nourish and build my body as well as give me the energy I need during my daily gym workouts. The only vitamins not shown in the photo below is MegaChel & Vitamin D3.

While I have listed some powders and teas below that I ordered online, I prefer buying my vitamins and herbs from quality Distributors which gives me comfort in knowing that they aren't mass made in factories in China and sold commercially at every Target or Walmart on the planet. 
My Vitamin & Herbal Protocol for Ovarian Cancer

From all my readings it's clear that cancer thrives in an acidic body and cannot survive in an alkaline environment. I read how alkaline water flushes the cells and brings the body back into balance. While I researched different types of reversed osmosis systems that would give me clean alkaline drinking water, I came across #kangenwater from Enagic Corporation. I am very lucky to have the Enagic headquarters here in Los Angeles where I live so I can just drive to the facility and get the water which is free, we just have to buy their gallon jugs to put the water in. I go there and fill up twice a week. I have a mini refrigerator in my garage where I also store the water. The water does not have to be refrigerated, but I keep mine refrigerated because there is no Florine in the water and I don't want to take chances on bacteria forming. My husband is also drinking the water and we have incorporated it into our cooking as well. The water filtration systems starts a $2K, and if you can afford one, then by all means purchase one.... for me, i'm content with filling up my jugs for now.  Be sure and search Kangen water in your city to find a distributor so that you can at least taste it and decide for yourself if it's worth the investment. Some people do water sharing and that may be an option for you also.

Every day I would research dozens of websites that contained information on natural cancer cures. I printed out papers and even bought a few books (listed below) to help me in my quest for more information.  I joined about 3 FB groups for natural cancer cures and even made a few friends.

What I want to say is this.... I did not take any of these natural remedies while I was on chemo. Since I had elected to have chemo, all I did was drink the alkaline water.  I wanted to see how well it would work and I didn't want any interference what-so-ever.... they advised against it anyway. 

While these are the exact names of the herbal supplements that I am taking, they may not necessarily be the exact brands listed below.  I wanted to show you photos of the products just so you can have an idea of what to search for while doing your research. I did my own research and I suggest that you do your own research also.

I tried to find the best products that were available, I purchased some from Whole Foods, Lingberg Nutrition and Trader Joes because all these stores were local and I was familiar with them. Below are reference links to each one of these product so you can read and research the information for yourself.
Organic Amla Powder

Organic Moringa Powder

Organic Turmeric Powder

Pure Aloe Vera

Raw Apricot Kernel Seeds

Beta-1, 3D Glucan

Organic Black Cumin Seeds

Dandelion Root Tea

Organic Essiac Tea
Reference Reading -

Books for Reference That I'm Reading 
1) Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Healing
2) The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure
3) The Enzyme Factor: How to Live Long and Never be Sick
4) Nature Has a Remedy
5) Guide to Diet and Detoxification

Update:  Photo Below Taken July 2017. My strength is back 100% and I am in the gym lifting weights everyday. For more information on my weightlifting journey click here.


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