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Coleman Portable Hot Tub Review

Living in California (unless you're really wealthy) we sometimes have to make a trade off..... warm weather year around for smaller homes with less yard space.  I have a nice 4/bdrm home with limited backyard space.  About 10yrs ago we renovated our house all the way back to the property line and it left us with a small quaint backyard space on one side and a nice long quaint space on the other. It wasn't long afterwards that we decided we no longer wanted to deal with grass in our little quaint spaces so we hired a landscaper to fill it in with concrete and give us a little oasis that would fit our retired lifestyle. We had a planter built and a Pergola installed to give us some shade. Over in the corner we have a portable waterfall to give us the soothing sounds of water flowing.... I'll explain how I feel about filling it up every two days in another post.
Small Backyard Spaces
I wanted to review the Coleman inflatable hot tub that we purchased from Amazon. It's 8ft x 8ft and sits 4-6 people. It sits on the other side of our house.  This side of our house spans the entire length of our home from front to back.  We positioned our portable hot tub in the back corner so that we wouldn't have a long walk to reach it.  On this side of the house the space is wide enough to accommodate a table with 4 chairs and we also have a huge storage shed that houses the lawnmower and some other stuff my husband uses.  I have to say that the hot tub was very easy to assemble.  My husband went to the website and watched the installation video.  We put it together in about 45 minutes.  It takes 17 - 24 hours to heat up to the full 104 degrees.  After 72 hours it shuts itself off and then you have to turn it on again.

Coleman Portable Inflatable Spa Review

There are a lot of things to consider when you are purchasing a portable hot tub. 

1) The first thing to consider is the location or space where you wish to set it up. Once you've set it up in that location, you'll probably want to leave it there and not move it. It is a very durable plastic and it is quite heavy once it is filled up with air.

2) The electrical outlet needs to be somewhere accessible.  You'll want to leave it plugged in and not have to worry about plugging it in every time you want to use it.  Our outlet is located on the other side of our house.  If you watch the 5 minute video below you will see exactly where ours is located. We have an extension cord running from the portable hot tub's power source to an outdoor electrical outlet located on the other side of the house. 

3) My husband and I debated over what kind of water we wanted to use. I know this seems silly but I wanted salt water and he wanted regular water from the water hose.... well he won this debate. The reason why I gave in was because the hot tub comes with a floating device that you put chlorine into. It has little tiny holes that releases the chlorine into the water to keep the bacteria out.

4) The power source is very easy to use.  It has a lock and unlock button that has to be pressed first before you can use any of the functions.  Once you've unlocked the power source, then you press the button for the heater. This activates the heating elements that are positioned around the bottom of the hot tub.  These can not be seen because they are embedded into the plastic.

5) This portable hot tub takes 17 to 24 hours to reach 104 degrees. Once it reaches this temperature, it will stay at this temperature until the internal timer reaches 72 hours. It will automatically shut itself off once it reaches 72 hours.  This is a great feature because if you forget to go and sit in it, it will automatically shut itself off.
Video Review on YouTube

6) The jets on this thing is so incredible!  You have to take a moment and watch the 5 min video below to see exactly what I mean. Again, you have to press the unlock button to unlock the power source first, then press the button (with the bubbles on it) for the jets to come on.  The jets are also on a timer. The will automatically turn off after 30 minutes.

7)  When you are sitting inside with the jets on, the temperature of the water is going to slowly start to decrease especially if the air out is cool. When my husband and I first sat in, after 30 minutes the temperature decreased to 99 degrees. When the weather is hot, the temp doesn't go down as much. We sat in one afternoon and the temp was about 85 degrees, after 30 minutes I checked the temp gauge an it only went down to 102 degrees.

8) This spa has two filters that are located inside at the very bottom. When it is time for them to be changed, the spa will not turn on. When you press the unlock button, the power source will beep and flash "EO2", when you look this code up in the manual it will tell you that the filters needs to be changed. The filters are sold two in a packs on Amazon, these are the ones that I bought. You'll probably need to change the filters every two months.... at least this is how often we've changed ours.
Dirty filters compared to clean filters

We plan on leaving ours up year round.  We also purchased our canopy from Amazon to give us some shade in case we want to use it during the day.  Before we put the canopy up we painted the concrete on this side of the house, something we never did because we didn't come on this side of the house much.... but now we're over here all the time. Next I will be adding some plants and maybe a tall outdoor heater for the winter when we use it because it's so cold once we get out.

Coleman Portable Hot Tub Review

This is the model that I purchased
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Coleman Portable Inflatable Spa Review


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