Five Ways to Make Money From Your Blog

Five Ways to Make Money From Your Blog
I can only share with you what I have been doing on my Blog to increase my passive income and bring in some extra money. Starting this year, 2017, I have decided that I will see how much passive income that I can make from affiliate marketing.  To achieve this, I have been diligently adding affiliate marketing links into every Blog Post that I write.  I have also been going back into older Blog Post re-writing them, adding affiliate links and updating them for SEO purposes.

Ultimately, how much you earn from affiliate marketing always depends on how much traffic your Blog receives..... this is primarily dependent on each and every Blog Post that you create on your Blog.  Going forward, I have been diligently adding at least 5 to 10 affiliate links per post, creating at least 500 words or more, adding alt-text to every photo (even though I've been doing this forever) and adding my search descriptions in long-tail keywords and phrases along with short ones as well.

Here's 5 Ways to Make Money From Your Blog

1) Affiliate Links - Amazon is one of the easiest affiliate platforms to navigate through. This is primarily because of their Associate Stripe that you install into your Browser.  This allows you to grab your affiliate code right from the product page and share install the code right on your Blog. How you install it is up to you.  Most Bloggers use text links, text links are fine but sometimes seeing the actual item is a little more fun!  So for this reason, I always include a few product photos in my Blog Post because.... the photo is always more enticing to click!

2) Google Adsense - Well most Bloggers use some kind of visual Ads on their Blog.  I do not make a lot from Google adsense because I don't have a high volume traffic Blogs.  Their payment is set to a $100 threshold and I pretty much have only received a payment from Google about four times a year. If you have a high traffic Blog, Google Ads would work pretty well for you.  Once you have been approved for Google ads, you can install the codes on all of your Blogs and personal self-hosted websites.  I currently have two active Blogs that I have placed my Google ad on. Google lets you have three photo ads and two text link ads. Google text link ads looks like the one below:

To create this code, you have to go inside you GA (google analysis) and find the place where it lets you edit your ads.

3) Media.Net Ads - Contrary to how everyone feels about Media.Net ads... I rather like them.  You can add them directly inside your Blog post or you can place them at the top, bottom or sides of your Blog.  You can also create the ads in a variety of colors or sizes to fit the theme of your Blog.  I have just started using them this year and I have already seen some progress.  Their payout is set to a $100 threshold and of course with all ads, they depend on Blog traffic. ads looks like the one below:

I like to place these ads at the bottom of every one of my Blog posts.  I in the process of adding them into a lot of my older post as well.  It's a process because i'm updating these post with more text, photos and dating keywords for SEO purposes.

4) Consultations - Are you an expert at something? By expert I mean you have the knowledge to help someone solve a problem and pay you in the process.  Don't get confused by the word Expert, it means different things to different people.  You don't have to have a collage degree to help someone solve a problem, give advice or help them technically.  You are simply providing a service and getting paid for your time.  I begin offering Consultations this year on setting up Blogs on the platform that I am using which is  Many people prefer WordPress but for those that want something up and running in a hurry Blogger works well for those purposes.

5) Sell Something -  You can use your Blog to sell directly to people, all you have to do is decide what you want to sell and add the PayPal link code right into your Blog post.  I've seen many people sell all kinds of things on their Blogs. If you want an example of what else I'm selling on this Blog besides consultations click my Free Fitness Guide and scroll down to the bottom. Yep... I'm offering to create menus for a fee.

You can do everything that I'm doing to create extra income from your Blog.  You can even go further and set up Online Courses, create eBooks, open a store on Etsy, eBay, Shopify or any other selling platforms that's out there.  I hope this post helped you in some small way in creating a passive income.

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