March 9, 2017

Lifestyle | February 2017 Blogger Income Report

The data below covers two blogs, this one and my Wigmaking Blog.  My Wigmaking blog serves as my business blog because it's tied to my LLC and also my online store  Lace Wig Straps.  Both blogs, however, I use for affiliate marketing which I've just started actively doing last year. I've decided to only report the affiliate income that I've actually received a payment from... most affiliate companies have a threshold that you have to meet before they will send payment.

My Social Media Stats

I forgot to include this information in my January 2017 Report but decided that it was important to include going forward.  I should mention that I don't do anything special to try and grow my social media, I basically let it grow organically.  I do love responding to comments though, especially on YouTube because the majority of my followers there are in the hair industry also. 
February 2017 Income

1) Amazon Affiliates - $254.91
2) Shopify Store - $639.53
3) Fullscreen (YouTube partner) - $128.82

For the income portion of my blog report I made a total of $1,023.26.  I only had three streams of income coming in which is listed above.  

Amazon Affiliate - My income fluxuates quite a bit from Amazon which is understandable in the affiliate marketing world.

Shopify Store - My income increased significantly in this area from last month's income report. In January my store only made $88.74. This was primarily because I closed my Amazon Seller Account and I have never done any major marketing for my online store.  Towards the end of January and all of February I aggressively ran Facebook ads featuring items from my store which helped boost my income.

Fullscreen - YouTube is one of those platforms that if you don't give it attention, it won't produce.  I've been neglecting my channel and so my earnings are always fluctuating.

February 2017 Expenses

Shipping  - $59.52
Facebook Ads - $190.03
Wigmaking Supplies - $106.03
Legal - $159.00

For the expense portion of my blog report I spent $514.58. I shipped one wigmaking kits which weighs 35 lbs, they are high ticketed items and I get excited when people order them.  I started out running 3 Facebook ads and by mid February, I had increased it to 6. I ran a total of 6 ads and spent $190.03 in advertising fees. I'm still trying to find my balance in the area. It is early March as I write this post and I am already running 3 Facebook ads.... we'll see how it goes!  I paid my annual LLC agent fees to Legalzoom so that they can act as my agent for another year. I love getting alerts and notifications that keeps me on track and up to date with all of my filings.

February 2017 Profits

Profit -  $508.68 

I'm pleased with this month's profits as I continue to see a rise each month. Setting goals for myself and keeping track of my income reports publicly helps to keep me accountable. Please note.... this report does not reflect any personal income such as retirement pension or any other income received from investments such as land development, stocks & bonds.

New Marketing Venture

I started a new venture called Vitality and Youth. I logged it down below on my February spreadsheet but I am going to expense it over the next several months or after the April tax season. It's sort of like when you buy camera equipment, you have to expense it over 5yrs, you can't write it off all at one time.

Blogger Resources

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