How to Make Money on Pinterest through Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money on Pinterest

Someone asked a question in one of the Facebook groups that I belong to. They asked how to make money through affiliate marketing?  I took the liberty to answer not because I think I'm pretty knowledgeable because i'm not, but I answered because I wanted to share some honest information with her about how I was able to make a little money on Pinterest through affiliate marketing products from Amazon.  I should mention that there were a lot of people that had responded to her question.  A lot of them were posting links to programs that other Bloggers were selling on their websites. I did check out some of them because I was curious to see how much these programs cost. I was surprised to find that some of them were quite expensive... anywhere from $50 to $300.
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She, like me, was just starting to venture into the world of affiliate marketing.  I had begun venturing into it last year around this time.  I could tell by some of her comments that she was getting frustrated with some of the answers that people were giving her and getting discouraged from all the big numbers that were being thrown around.  I waited until the next day to post my answer because I wanted to wait until everyone that was pretty knowledgeable on the subject had finished posting.  My answer to her question was "I use Pinterest for affiliate marketing by posting products from Amazon."   By this time there was about 50 answers before mine so she didn't respond but someone else did.  They asked how I was using Pinterest for affiliate marketing products & getting sales that way? Keep in mind that I just started posting products on Pinterest this year.... January to be exact so I'm not making a whole lot... but I'm happy with what i'm making thus far.

Screenshot of my Pinterest Hair Affiliate Marketing Board
How to Make Money on Pinterest through Affiliate Marketing
I told them that I set up a range of boards on Pinterest dedicated to products that I wanted to market with affiliate links.  I pin the products directly from Amazon, then I go into Pinterest and edit the product. I ALWAYS change out the links and replace them with my amazon affiliate link because the links that come in the Pin isn't an affiliate link.  It's a longtail link that's exclusive to Amazon.  You have to replace that link with your short affiliate text link.  For instance, if someone clicks on your Pin and then clicks on the link, it will open up in Amazon with your affiliate code and you will get the commission.  Even if they don't purchase whatever they clicked on, if they buy anything else within the 24hr time frame, you will still get the commission. In some cases I change the description of the items by adding more searchable key words for SEO purposes.

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The important thing to remember is, when you Pin from Amazon, it doesn't Pin your affiliate link. You have to manually edit your Pins and replace their link with your affiliate link.  I do this with several other affiliate programs that I belong to.  If you cannot Pin to Pinterest directly from a website that you have joined their affiliate program, then you have to write a Blog post and include those photos and affiliate links in your post.  Then you can Pin directly from your Blog post into the Shop that you created on Pinterest. You can also edit those Pins and add your affiliate links to them, unless you really want them to go to your Blog post. This by far takes more work but you'll still get the commission from other affiliate programs other than Amazon.

Screenshot of my Recent Amazon Commission

How to Make Money on Pinterest through Affiliate Marketing
In the photo above, it shows you my monthly report from Amazon.  The Summary column and the Fee column is my income earned.  It should match the "total earnings" figure at the bottom right.  As I said above, I do not make a lot but I'm pleased with what I am earning so far and each month my earnings are a little bit higher.  I have three Pinterest boards that are my Shop boards, one for hair, athleisure wear and photography.  But I have kind of started pinning affiliate products to a few of my other boards..... it's hard not to!

Screenshot of a Facebook Marketing Ad

How to Make Money on Pinterest through Affiliate Marketing

The above photo shows my FB Ad. I created the photo in Picmonkey then saved it to my desktop. Then I shared it to my FB page with a little blurb and a link to my Pinterest shop.  I created a link to make the Ad look more appealing.  You can boost any post for 7 days for $5.  I kept boosting it for a total of 28 days and I think I paid around $25.  You can see for yourself the reach that this post received. So the day before the Ad ended I changed it to run continuously for $1 a day.

My strategy was to boost the board continuously for a month to give it some ranking in Google.  Now that my Ombre Hair board is actually coming up in the searches (still not on page one) it has enough traction that I can keep the Ad going with the minimum amount possible.  I can always go in and increase the amount if necessary because it's running continuously.  Sometimes it best to leave an Ad up and take the amount down to $1 rather than stopping the Ad and starting over again.

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I want to say that having a niche is important.  I'm a Wigmaker and 'hair' is my thing.  Most of the people that follow me on SM are also into hair... they're salon owners, hair stylist or just your average person that's into weaves, wigs and hair extensions.  So don't expect to launch a board full of hair and all your followers are mommies with toddlers. You have to find your niche and market products from Amazon and other affiliate sites that you know will sell to them.

For instance, a Writer will probably create a board with products that writers use frequently.  A Seamstress will probably create a board with products that sewing enthusiasts use frequently.  There's a million ideas of boards to create and products to promote..... promoting is key.

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I would love to say that I was self-taught in figuring this all out but in all actuality, I didn't know a thing about Facebook Ads. I had to scour the Internet finding bits and pieces on ways to market products on Facebook.  Then I stumbled across this Online Facebook Marketing Program offered by Skillsology. I learned how to set up the Ads, how to insert Pixels and how to use the right keywords for my Ads to convert to profits. 

The bottom line is.... you can find ways to market your boards using all of your social media channels and even sending out newsletters.  I don't have a newsletter mailing list so have to rely on my social media channels for marketing purposes. Well I hoped that you found this post helpful!
How to Market on Pinterest

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