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How to lose fat and gain muscle
Okay this is a hard post to write!  While i'm sitting here typing this I need to be on my way to the gym!  Oh the struggles of weight loss... up and down... it's a never ending cycle.  Last year I reached my one year weightloss transformation. I began my weightloss journey on Aug 2015 and reached my goal on Aug 2016.  Then I got hit with some bad news.... a stage 2 ovarian cancer diagnosis... followed by 6mos of chemotherapy.  Well this threw my body into a tailspin and instead of losing weight like most people do during chemo, I gained weight.

I wrote all about my one year transformation in this post here and below is my one year transformation photo.  I was weighing 160 lbs in the photo on the left, on the photo on the right I was at my goal weight of 145 lbs. It took me almost one year to loose 15 lbs. I had also put on quite a bit of muscle and I finally had a really nice butt that I was proud of.
How to lose fat and gain muscle
So what's my plan to get back down to my goal weight by summer... well I'm glad you asked.  I am giving myself from now March 1st until August 1st (only 5 months) to get back down to my goal weight. At the time of this writing, I currently weigh 152 lbs and my goal weight is 143 lbs.... so I am going to loose 9 lbs by August 1st.

Since I've done this before I know what to do and what not to do...... in a nutshell... I have to avoid sugar.  I have to totally remove any and all sugar from my diet.  Even on my once a week cheat days, I cannot consume sugar.
The program that I follow is my very own "Back to Basic" fitness and nutrition plan. For the entire year that I was loosing weight, I only ate the basic foods.  I learned this from a few of my body building friends that you simply can not eat all the fru fru foods on the market that have tons of ingredients and seasonings on them. You have to create simple meals using the basic food groups.  So I created my own program based on all the simple foods that I liked.

The first thing I did was bought a calorie counter book and created a file in Excel listing all of the basic foods that I liked.  I also included fruit because fruit has natural sugars and not added or refined sugar.  Below is an example of the calorie counter that I created. From this list I created my basic meals for the week.
How to lose fat and gain muscle
 Each week I would create a 900-1200 calorie menu that included breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and follow it completely.  Below is an example of a menu that I created.
How to lose fat and gain muscle
Word got out about the menus and I started getting requests so I became a menu creating beast!  By the end of the year I ended up with over 100 menus from 900 calorie rapid weight loss to 2500 calorie rapid weight gain menus! I was mainly creating menus for friends and relatives.... no one that I didn't know personally so I didn't have to worry about whether or not someone was a vegetarian or didn't eat meat. Below is a photo of all the menus that I created last year.  They were all done in Excel and calculated using formulas for accurate totals. Believe it or not, they were all created using the basic calorie food chart like the example above. Click Here to Request a Menu!
How to lose fat and gain muscle

The last component to my weight loss journey, and I feel this was the most important one... was my mental and emotional well being.  For me, I had to get into a flow of positive energy, self love and acceptance.  I had to mentally learn how to keep negative thoughts out of my head, things like.... "this is hard"... "I can't do this"... "I'm self conscious"... etc.  I had to mentally learn how to "love basic foods"... "hate sugar".... "love exercising" and "love going to the gym".  Once I crossed these hurdles, the journey was easy.  I always focused on the end goals.... I imagined myself in a bikini lying on a beach... fitting into my size 4 jeans.... and being able to enjoy a piece of carrot cake (my fav) without feeling guilty.

I stayed in positive re-reinforcement by listening to law of attraction videos on YouTube while I was working out. Very rarely did I listen to music.  My favorite videos to listen to were by Created-Reality and Abraham-Hicks Pure Joy.... spirituality, meditation, yoga, etc is my thing so I just applied the teachings to my weightloss journey to get the results that I wanted.

I invite you to print out your free copy of my "Back to Basics" Nutrition & Fitness Program that includes the items above.  I will be launching my eBook with all of the basic menus that I created so be sure and sign up for my mailing list so that you can be notified when it launches.

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