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Latex Vest Waist Trainer
I bought this latex vest waist trainer from Amazon quite sometime ago to help shed some of the fat on my back. The latex vest waist trainer has the latex in the inside and has a smooth fabric on the outside.  For many people, this latex vest would be very comfortable (I think), but for me it's extremely uncomfortable.  This latex vest is made to fit the waist, when you purchase it, and read some of the comments, you'll find that if you're really busty, it won't close underneath the bust. So when you're wearing it, it tends to rise up from the bottom and bunch up around the top.  If I were able to fasten it underneath the bust, it probably would stay in place around my waist, instead it rides up in the front and I have to keep pulling it down.

The ones above is called Neoprene Sauna Suit Tank Top Vest and it's the one that I have my eyes. It's made from latex and have very good reviews on Amazon.  I think this one will solve all my boob problems because it zips up instead of fastens.  I wear these kinds of vest when I do cardio at the gym as well as when I'm outdoors rollerskating at the beach.  These vest really target the back fat, the love handles and the flanks.  I'm so in love with wearing these that they've become second nature.

 Albolene for loosing weight

The plastic that you see peeping out from my sports bra is actually saran wrap.  Whenever I want to loose pounds really fast, I wrap with Albolene and saran wrap. I wrap from the top of my boobs all the way down to right below my knees.  Albolene for loosing weight is my go-to thing.... I've been wrapping with Albolene and saran wrap for the last 10yrs and it helps me to shed the pounds really fast.  I've also been blogging about it for the last 5yrs also, just look to the column on the right where I list the  "Trending Topics" you will see the first one is always about Albolene..... it's my most read post on this blog with over 100K views.

My sports bra and capri's are from Xersion for JC Penny's.  I've had hem for quite sometime but you and always find some really cool collections online in their Women's Active Wear section.

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