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Florence Scovel Scam Alert
Never again will I click on any of those Instagram Ads that pop up in my feed and order something based on a photo. I was scrolling through my Instagram feed one evening about three months ago and one of those annoying Instagram ads popped up... this time it was of a model wearing a cute Bodycon dress that zipped up the back.  I though wouldn't that be cute dress to wear for a date night with my husband.  So I clicked on "purchase" and it took me directly to PayPal.  I went through the checkout process as usual, the dress was $24.99, shipping was $2.99 and the total came to $27.98.  I never knew who I was really ordering from although the ad said "something Boutique"... I can't actually remember the name of the Boutique and it didn't show up in my PayPal account when I searched for it.  What showed up was the information below.
 Now I've ordered this dress back in November and it finally came in January.  I couldn't deal with it then because I was going through Chemo and my focus was elsewhere.  So I stuck the package in my closet and forgot about it.  A few days ago I stumbled across the package while I was searching for something else.  I'd totally forgotten about it! I pulled out the dress and had the biggest laugh for about 10 minutes.  I said to myself, I have to do a "side by side" and warn people about this vendor. 
I started searching back through my December transactions and came across the name "Florence Scovel Jewelry in my transaction feed.  Well, it didn't take long to discover that this was the vendor whom I'd purchased the dress from. So I googled the name and to my surprise the website came up and also a LOT of SCAM articles.  I couldn't believe it!

I also went to Facebook and googled the name.  So many scam articles came up I was shocked.  I started reading post after post after post about how people were scammed.  How they'd received cheap jewelry or never even received their items at all. I even joined a FB group called Florence Scovel Jewelry Scam Alert so that I could share my story.  All in all, be very leary of some of these ads.  While a lot of them are legitimate, a lot of them aren't..... so I've learned my lesson!

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