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Before I went back to my simple "Back to Basics" eating plan I had such a hard time losing the weight. I kept trying different recipes and different seasonings all to no avail. Then it hit me, I used to be very slim when I was just cooking just the basics... just simple plain foods that didn't require a long list of ingredients. I lost 10 lbs in about 5 months just by cooking the basics and I didn't diet at all. The left is me before the weightloss, the right is after the weightloss.


 I put together a FREE 10 PAGE GUIDE sharing one of my favorite 1200 calorie menus along with my favorite exercises for "at home workouts" as well as "gym workouts" and I've also given you some really great tips to get you started!

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 It will be full of "Back to Basic" menus already calculated and all you have to do is prepare them!

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