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Blogger Income Reports

This year I've made the decision to become transparent and post my monthly income and expenses. I'm not by any means a successful blogger, I don't make a lot of money from my blogs or my online business. I currently have two blogs, this one and  I consider WigWeaves my business blog because it's tied to my LLC and also my online store  Both blogs, however, I've decided to use for affiliate marketing which I've just started actively doing last year. I have never done affiliate marketing before because I've always thought it was too much work even though I know some people have become very successful at it.

2016 Recap

I've been blogging since 2008 and it's pretty much been a hobby for me until early last year. January of 2016 I decided to turn my Wigmaking Blog into a business.  I set up my LLC through Legalzoom, opened my online store on Shopify and joined a few affiliate marketing programs. For the 2016 year I made a total of $14,500 through my blogs and online store.. keep in mind this was my very first year and I had quite a bit to learn.

The bulk of my income came from my Amazon Seller Store. I applied to become an Amazon seller and was accepted into the program. Amazon products always comes up in the first 10 listings in the Google search engines so that was good for my business when people searched for wigmaking related items.  While I did pretty well selling on Amazon, in December of 2016 I closed my Amazon Seller Account because I was a little tired of the $49/mo seller fee. The rest of my income came from my YouTube channel and from affiliate marketing.

January 2017 Income - $582.31

1) Amazon Affiliates - $306.33
2) Shopify Store - $88.74
3) Fullscreen (Youtube partner) - $187.24

For the income portion of my blog  report I made a total of $582.31.  I only had three streams of income coming in which is listed above.  I was excited about my Amazon affiliates payout because it's been climbing steadily so I hope to see more growth in the other affiliate programs that I'm participating in this year as well.

Where I fell short this month was with my online store on Shopify.  I never really promoted my online store because my products were listed on Amazon.  I sold really well on Amazon last year but as I mentioned I closed my Amazon seller account because I was tired of the monthly seller fees.  So one of my goals for the month of February is to do some online advertising.  I have watched several videos on how to set up Facebook ads.  I actually feel this will help draw customers to my store because hair in itself is a billion dollar industry and there's a lot of users on FB that love them some hair.

YouTube is always a hit a miss. When I joined YT back in 2010 it wasn't my intentions to make a hefty profit from my channel. I joined with the sole purpose of sharing my knowledge of wigmaking. So when the opportunity arose to join the Google Adsense program, of course I joined... who wouldn't, so whatever income that comes from YT is always welcome!

January 2017 Expenses - $240.72

1) Shipping - $26.75
2) Wigmaking Supplies - $213.97

For the expense portion of my blog report I spent a total of $240.72.  Shipping charges are from orders placed from my online store. The other charges were wigmaking expenses which I will always have each month.

January 2017 Profit - $341.59

I learned how to use Excel to log my expenses.  I have a master spreadsheet set up with monthly tabs from Jan to Dec with formulas embedded in the worksheets that my husband created for me. At the end of the spreadsheet is a separate tab that calculates the grand total sums of all the monthly worksheets. I have to admit... I love putting in the income earned but I hate putting in the expenses.

Please note.... this report does not reflect any personal such as retirement pension or any other income received from investments such as land developments, stocks & bonds.

Going Forward

I will be advertising on Facebook and hoping to see a rise in income from my Shopify store. Thank goodness I have my husband and my retirement income to fall back on!

I proudly blog on the Blogger platform. If you are interested in setting up a blog on Blogger, I can help you get started. Click Here to visit my Consultations Page to get started on your journey into the world of Blogging!

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