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Gym Workout Routine Tips for Women
Trying to color coordinate gym outfits can sometimes be a daunting task. I myself sometimes gets frustrated when I can't find the right top to match my capri's or leggings. We want to look fashionable while working out because it does boost our self esteem, even if we haven't reached our fitness goals. I love shopping for exercise clothes and finding items on sale or at a very reasonable price. I put together some tips to help you color coordinate your gym outfits and save a lot of time in the process.

Gym Workout Routine Tips for Women

1) Pack the night before: If  you're short on time or have to be at work at a certain time, put together your outfit the night before. Having your exercise clothes already planned out give you a little more motivation to hit the gym before or after work. Before I retired, I used to hit the gym at 5am, I would always have my gym bag packed and waiting by the front door just to make sure that I didn't forget it.

2) Pack a light snack:  If you're heading to work after your workout, then be sure to have a light snack in your bag to replenish your energy levels. Things that I would have in my bag would be a protein bar, my favorite ones are by Quest, I love their Chocolate Brownie! 

3) Have a workout buddy: Going to the gym daily can become boring unless you have someone to workout with. Having a workout buddy to workout with give you that extra motivation to exercise and help each other out.

4) Carry extra items in your gym bag: In case you might need them. I carry wrist strap gloves, a squat rack pad and cables for the cable machine. Chances are your gym only has one of to cable machines and they're taken, If you have your own cables, it's likely that you can use them on other machines until a cable machine is available.

5) Make sure you have a good water bottle: A good 24oz water bottle and one that's BPA free. This way you can empty a pack of protein powder into for extra energy during your workout. I love the Quest protein powder packs, they're only 80 calories but have 20grms of protein which our muscles really need after our workout.
Gym Workout Routine Tips for Women
Some of my favorite exercise brands have really nice season sales. Seasons depend on each brand but for Nike, their website always has sales and they have specific sales right before each season changes such as the fall, spring and summer.

I like to have at least 2 or 3 of each of my favorite tops and bottoms in my wardrobe. Sport bras are my challenge because i'm busty up top so when I find tops that are very comfortable and fit correctly, I tend to purchase them in different colors.

My tank top is from JCPennys, you can find similar here. My pink sports bra is from TFL Apparel, you can find similar here. My capri's are also from JCPenny's, you can find similar here. My pullover I bought at Target, you can find similar here. My tennis shoes are from the Nike Outlet, you can find similar here.
Gym Workout Routine Tips for Women

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