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 red light therapy
What is Red Light Therapy? I was searching YouTube for skin care devices when I came across a video demonstrating the Rejuvalite MD Anti-Aging Light Therapy System. As I watched the video, I was hoping that the reviewer would show some before and after photos which they never did. I became more intrigued wondering if a system like this could really work for me. I'm 57 and have been battling ovarian cancer and undergoing chemotherapy for the last six months. I really wanted to know what the benefits were from red light therapy. My skin has taken on so many different changes that I knew I had to invest in some dermatological procedures or buy some anti-aging devices and begin using them myself. I reached out to Trophy Skin and asked if I could receive their Rejuvalite MD for review purposes, I would try it for a period of time then review it here on my blog as well as on my YouTube channel.

red light therapy
I received it around the beginning of Nov 2016 and started using it right away. Per the directions, it's safe to use twice a day on clean skin so I used it twice daily (mornings & evenings) since I've had it. The sessions are 5 minutes long and the device comes with a timer which makes it very simple to use. Pretty much all you have to do is place the device 4" from your face, apply your goggles and press the timer. It automatically shuts off after 5 minutes so all you have to do is relax and enjoy the red light as it penetrates into the skin.
 red light therapy
Below are my Red Light Therapy before and after photos. The photo on the left was taken around Oct 2016 and the photo on the right was taken late Dec 2016. As I mentioned above I started using this device in early Nov 2016 when it arrived. I'm a skeptic so I wanted to wait about six weeks before doing any comparison photos. This is the amount of time I usually see results from any devices or procedures that i'm doing.  As you can see from the photos, my skin improved drastically. I'm wearing the same amount of makeup in both photos and I absolutely do not do any photo retouching whatsoever.
What are the benefits of red light therapy
Now I have been using this device twice a day in combination with a few other in-home procedures such as micro derma-rolling and skin resurfacing. I also use a masque twice weekly and I have a great skin care system of serums and moisturizers that I use twice a day as well. I will say that it takes a multitude of things that all work together to increase the collagen underneath the skin causing it to plump, tighten and show great results. Consistency is also key. 
red light therapy
Here's What The Website Says:

Reduces appearance of sun damage, fine lines, and age spots by improving skin laxity and promoting collagen production. 

Show your skin the light! Reduce the appearance of sun damage, fine lines, and age spots with state-of-the-art LED light therapy.

RejuvaliteMD utilizes groundbreaking LED technology to safely and effectively stimulate skin healing and collagen production—reducing the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots while improving radiance, elasticity, and firmness. Unlike some devices that use only red light, RejuvaliteMD utilizes four UV-free wavelengths including red, yellow, amber, and infrared light to effectively treat multiple signs of aging. In as little as 5 minutes a day a few times per week, RejuvaliteMD gives your skin a lit-from-within glow.
Light therapy is a groundbreaking technology used by dermatologists to support the skin’s natural healing processes. Safe visible and infrared light wavelengths penetrate the skin, stimulating the production of natural enzymes that increase collagen production, reduce inflammation, and improve skin tone and texture.
 red light therapy
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 red light therapy

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 red light therapy

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Disclaimer: I received this product for review and consideration. No compensation has been exchanged and all opinions are my own.