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When I start reading little chatter on my YT videos and speculations start swirling, I feel it's time to address the little elephant in the room.... what plastic surgery did I have? The only plastic surgery that I have had on my face was Blepharoplasty...aka upper eyelid surgery. This isn't a secret because I have an entire YouTube Playlist with 9 videos from pre-opt to 1yr post-opt as well as an entire Blog Segment with 15 post dedicated to my Blepharoplasty. My surgery was 1.5yrs ago (April 2015) and it's been well documented all over my social media.

I think there's a lot of noticeable differences in my skin and complexion that have been attributed to skin resurfacing, microderm needling, microbrasion, skin plumping and red light therapy. I begin using the  Rejuvalite MD Red Light Therapy System around August 2016. I wrote a very long post about it here and demonstrated how to use it.  I also posted before & after photos of how my skin has changed since using the red light and I also talked about the pro and cons of the device. The Rejuvalite MD Red Light Therapy System is sold by Trophy Skin and cost $249 but you can get a 15% discount by using the code "Lily15" at checkout!
View my video below addressing the topic for YouTube!

 At 57, I can say that my skin has never looked or felt better. I don't use expensive creams, serums or lotions, although I do collect small samples of a lot of them. I have documented my skin care regimen throughout my Blog as well as on YouTube. Under the Beauty Tab, there's every Blog post that I've written on skin care for anyone to read.
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Problem is, people don't take the time to read any longer, and with YouTube, they compare current videos to older videos and start assuming the worst.  Fact is, I've only had botox once 2yrs ago before the surgery and I've never had fillers of any kind. I'm proud of this and the fact that everyday, I'm doing some kind of procedure at home to keep my skin tight, firm, soft and subtle. It does take work and I've found that being consistent is the key to great skin!
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