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NuFace Trinity & PMD Microderm
As many of you know the Sephora VIB sale is approaching quickly and I have two very important items that I feel are necessary and crucial to the maintenance of your skin for anti-aging purposes. The first one is the NuFace Trinity Device which I reviewed here and the second is the PMD Microderm Device which I have not reviewed yet. I have been using both for a year and have continued to see great results in my skin.

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I use the NuFace once a week followed by a microdermabrasion peel and a mask. I feel this has been the best combination for my aging skin. Since i've been doing this combination, I haven't seen any new wrinkles or fold lines. With the PMD I can only use it once a month. I have very sensitive skin and even though i'm using the most sensitive nozzle with the product and it still leaves wefts. The wefts are raised and the day after they scab, the scabs takes about 3 to 5 days to fall off and completely fade so this isn't something that you want to use that often if you have sensitive skin. If you suffer from acne and hyper-pigmentation, then you'll want to use this product more often because it definitely clears it up.
Above is the video demo that I made showing the two products.
Below is 57!

PMD Microderm | Nuface Skin Toning Device

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