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How to Microdermabrasion
After evaluating my skin and wanting to improve the look of my large pores, I decided to pull out my trusty old PMD Microdermabrasion Device.  After not having used it in a couple of years I figured it would do the trick of shrinking my pores and smoothing out my skin again. Needless to say, I didn't re-read any of my instructions.... I just went for it.  After going over my entire face (avoiding the sensitive areas like eyes), I immediately noticed some red streaks and I started flipping out. I was like... what have I done to my skin! I grabbed my Aloe Vera and started patting it over my entire face and it was burning like crazy. Finally it settled down and I had time to think and reflect on why this has happened.
How to Microdermabrasion
As it sat and thought about why my skin had fallen off, I could only think of one thing... Retina-a. Had I been so eager to use it that I totally forgot that you "cannot use the PMD while using Retin-a regularly"... yep that's exactly what happened.  In the directions that's included in the box, it clearly states that "you must stop using Retin-a 72 hours before your PMD treatment."  I totally forgot and this was the results.  It could have been much worse, the scarring only occurred on my cheeks, not on my forehead or chin and it was medium and not severe.  But my skin was so irritated that I couldn't put anything on it for days, I could only use aloe vera which seemed to make it feel so much better.
How to Microdermabrasion
After about 3 days it started to scab, but the scabs would eventually take 10 days to heal and fall off. During that time I was able to use concealer and powder to cover them and you could hardly notice that I had scarring.  I was thankful that the scars didn't leave any dark spots or hyper-pigmentation  which usually happens on brown skin. The moral of the story is.... stop using Retin-a 72 hours prior to your PMD Microderm treatment.

I recorded the video below after my skin healed and shared all my thoughts above to my YouTube followers. Enjoy and please Like & Subscribe!

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