Beauty | Conquer Dry Skin With Coconut Oil | Video Tutorial

I was having serious dryness all over my body and even on my scalp after having total hair loss from chemotherapy which I am currently going through for ovarian cancer. I called my Dermatologist and she immediately told me to use organic Coconut Oil. I said what.... and she immediately told me this is what she recommends for all her patients that are going through chemo to use. So I headed to my local Coscto's to see if I could find some and you know I did... cause they have everything.
 Since this jar is sooo big, I wanted to find something that I could put it in so that I could keep it in my bedroom.  I had a jar of Albolene which was almost empty so I just tossed what was left, pealed off the labels and gave it a good washing. Since the Coconut Oil was hard, I heated up a large metal spoon on the stove and started scooping it into the jar. This is what it looks like in the jar but you can't really see it because it's a funky white color that doesn't show up on camera....
My routine is pretty simple, I get out of the shower and I put this on my head first, then I rub what's left over on my hands on my face. I must say that it absorbs very quickly. Then I proceed to cover my entire body with this lovely concoction. By the time i'm finished, my skin feels so luxuriously soft I can't stop touching it!  Then I head to my dressing table and finish my face routine. I made a video tutorial showing you the face part.... so I hope that you take a moment and watch it!

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