August 1, 2016

Fitness | My One Year Weight Loss Anniversary

 My One Year 25lb Weight Loss
I started my weight loss journey at the beginning of August 2015 my birthday month, I was weighing 160 lbs and I wasn't happy with how I looked or felt. One year later i'm at my goal weight of 140 lbs. Because of my height 5'7" I pretty much can't go lower than that without losing muscle. I started out doing random juice fasts once a week and walking everyday, by November I had lost 5 lbs. My body will only lose about 1 lb every two weeks because I don't have any metabolism. I added weightlifting to my program and begin taking swimsuit photos every month because that's what the bodybuilders did on Instagram. My scale fluctuated up and down as I began to put on muscle and shed the fat.... so I relied only on my photos and not the scale...  well maybe just a wee bit.
Vanity Planet My One Year Weight Loss Anniversary
I have a love hate relationship with my gym 24hr Fitness but I continued to go 5x's a week faithfully. My routine was pretty simple in the beginning, 1 hr of cardio and 30 mins of weights. By January 2016 I was slowly seeing progress but I wanted faster results so bought 10 personal training sessions and spaced them out. 
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I stopped the once a week juice fasts and my workouts became longer with more weight lifting and less cardio. I have worked with my trainer on and off throughout my entire journey even up to this point but my program is very different now. My body continues to get sore but I push through it and have found ways to combat the soreness by using a muscle roller, massage oils, soaking in epson salt and a heating pad.
 My One Year 25lb Weight Loss
I have totally changed my eating habits. I try to buy organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible and I only eat chicken, turkey and fish. I have included juicing as a regular part of my diet and I stopped eating junk food especially anything containing sugar. I use raw organic honey that I buy from an outdoor Farmer's Market on everything that requires sugar. I'm lactose intolerant so things like yogurt, cheese, and other dairy products I avoid. All in all, i'm very pleased with my lifestyle changes and it has reflected positively on my mind... body ... and spirit.
My One Year 25lb Weight Loss
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Ovarian Cancer | Chemotherapy | Going Forward
As some of you may already know that on June 27, 2016 I had a hysterectomy, there was some cancer found on the mass that put me at stage 2C. I now have to undergo chemotherapy 3x's a month for the next 6mos. The cancer was all contained to the organs removed and seven areas of tissue along with fluid from the lymph nodes were tested and all came back negative..... the chemo is to make sure it doesn't return. I feel really positive that I will get through the next 6mos with ease and grace because I have a huge support system of family and friends... and of course all of you reading my Blog... read my full story here.

I'm not sure about the fitness part of this journey. I know that I have to be very careful of germs because the chemo makes the white blood cell count very low. I also know that people still go to work, church, grocery shopping and live a normal life while on chemo and I plan on doing the same. I want chemo to adapt to my way of living and not the other way around.... so I will keep pushing forward and continue on this journey called life!