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Prior to this blog post, I was only posting Athleisure Wear because I couldn't fit into any of my pretty clothes. I had ballooned to a size 10 (see photo below) and I refused to buy any new clothes.  I started my weight lost journey back in Aug 2015 on my birthday and now I'm finally beginning to fit into all my clothes after 9 months of exercising. At 56yrs old, I didn't know how my body would respond to shedding the weight, I just hired a personal trainer at the gym and went for it. My journey was long and hard but i'm so happy with the end results!

I love this skirt, I wore it to church and then took photos when I came home.  I have a lot of wrap skirts like this one, I think I bought out everyone that the store had... that was probably 5yrs ago when I was actually wearing a size 4.  Now that I can fit them again, I can finally have fun actually posting some real fashion pics! The sun hasn't been out all week but i'm determined not to let it dampen my spirits.  
 The only pet peeve that I have about loosing the weight was that I lost weight in my face, now I have very visible loose skin that really bother's me. It may be time for a little nip tuck!

My weight loss transformation!

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