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This bra top is one of the most comfortable bra tops that I've worn in a long time.  It's by Game Gear and I purchased it on Amazon for $15. I comes in 16 different colors so you have a variety to choose from. I ordered a size medium as I always do with sports bras and to my surprise it was too loose around the waist as you can see in the photos below.  I decided to keep it and just pinch it in on the sides with my sewing machine, something that I have to do to all of my jeans.

What I like most about this sports bra is the wide straps across the back. This gave me extra support and I didn't have the upper back fat hanging out like it does in some of the more narrower sports bras that I have. Besides the fact that is was a little too large around the waist, it fit tight and snug around my boobs and came high up underneath my armpits.  So for those reasons along, I was compelled to purchase two more in size small in colors that I didn't have...... I want all of them!
The capri's are from a company called TLF Apparel. I found them on Instagram and went to their website. These were quite pricey, $40 but I still couldn't resist because they have the cutest stuff.  I also reviewed a pair of leggings & a sports bra that I purchased from them a few months back here
I've had this particular tank for awhile but you can find similar ones on Amazon by 90 Degrees by Reflex for $12.99, I purchased a few already and read my reviews of them here.

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