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Cellulite,  Butt Blaster
I have been searching for ways to conquer the cellulite on my upper thighs and buttock to no avail. I came across an infomercial one night showing this Ashley Black Fascia Blaster and I thought that I would order it.  I have been using it religiously and have saw some tremendous results which are in the 3min video below.  This product was quite expensive, $89 to be exact so I choose not to endorse it but I have listed similar items below which I found on Amazon that I feel can do the exact same thing. 

Vanity Planet
This product is supposed to smooth out the fat with the constant pressure from the fingers on the device. I have been using it consistently and while I have noticed some improvements, if I stopped using it for a period of time my cellulite re-appears again. I think this product is too expensive for me to recommend but I have recommended similar options below for you to try. I feel they all will work the same way with persistence.

Similar Options Below!

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