Lifestyle ~ My Week In Instagram 4/15/16

@goddesslily on Instagram

My life is all about me.... sure i'm a mother... a wife... and a grandmom but I realized that i'm also the rock and foundation of my family..... I organize, coordinate, plan and communicate with everyone about all the decisions going on in their lives.  So of course I have to keep me together because if I don't.... who will they call!  I love going to the gym... I mean I love it.  I go everyday from 1pm to 3:30pm and I love wearing cute exercise clothes.  Now you already know I love makeup so I don't even have to mention that because I apply eye makeup whether I leave the house or not.  It's a habit, I put on my contacts and do my eyebrows then do my eyes.... individual eyelashes and all.  But as far as what I wear to the gym... it has to be cute and tight because I hate baggy fitting active wear. My boobs are my assets so I show them religiously.... bra tops, tight tanks and leggings is my thing.  The younger girls wear cheeky shorts and bra tops showing their abs and cheeks and I love that they're young and comfortable enough to walk around showing their goods.... more power to them.... but all they see from me is a little top boob..... more appropriate for this over 50 gal! Goddesslily on Instagram

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