Fitness | Why Capturing my Journey by Cell Phone is a Game Changer for Me

Why Capturing my  Weightloss Journey by Cell Phone
I happened to ask a friend how she got so many full profile great selfies on her IG page and she said she props her cell phone upright on a stand and sets the timer on her camera for 10secs.  How did I not know this! This is a game changer for me now because I have always taken the time to set up my Sony on a tripod and take photos in my backyard.  Besides the fact that my iPhone 6 takes lousy photos, I will still be able to capture the moments when I come home from the gym and want to do some fitness checks.

Fitness Over 50
 Usually I have a scarf on my head and the hair braided to the side but I had taken it down right before I decided to try the camera on the timer.  I think this is good because now I can really track my progress through photos instead of posting them once or twice a month. One of these days I will be brave enough to ask someone in the gym to help me make a short video montage on all of my favorite exercise machines.  I see so many people with their friends making cell phone videos that I wish that I could also.  I try not to socialize too much because I don't want to be accused of flirting.... and i'll leave it at that and not get into a recent incident that happened.
Fitness Over 50

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