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Weightloss Before and After PhotosI the last time I posted a side by side photo was back in January, I had fell off my diet over the holidays and I wasn't too happy with myself.  So I picked up where I left off and continued on the same nutritional program that I was on prior to the holidays arriving. Pretty much all I was doing was limiting my sugar intake. I am literally avoiding products that contains sugar.... it is the only way that my body will move fat. 
 Weightloss Before and After Photos

Photos are the only way that I can judge my progress, my scale just doesn't move that much though it did in the beginning when I started my weight loss journey last August.  I went from 155lbs to 145lbs and now i'm fluctuating between 143lbs and 145lbs.  I would love to weigh 140lbs and that is my goal. I'm hoping to be at my goal weight at the one year mark which is also my 57th birthday this August.
Weightloss Before and After Photos
 I though I would give you a comparison from a photo that I took back in Oct 2015.  I have lost quite a bit of body fat and gained quite a bit of muscle.  I'm lifting pretty heavy I think for my age which is 56yr,  I think people in the gym look at me as if I should be lifting heavier for some reason, I think they think i'm real young:)  No one knows my age because I never talk to anyone while i'm working out, I wear my wireless earphones with the music blaring and mind my own business.

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