Fitness | Transformation Occurs With Persistence & Not Giving Up

Transformation Occurs With Persistence & Not Giving Up

I started my fitness journey during my birthday month in August 2015.  The photos in the pink sports bra shows me at 34% bodyfat and weighing 151.5.  Through a series of sugar detox, weight lifting and cardio, I got my bodyfat down to 25%.  I don't weigh myself much but the last time I weigh myself I was 144.0 and i'm a whole lotta muscle now.

 I'm wearing a size 4 in misses and i'm very satisfied with my progress thus far. I really push myself, I go to the gym 5 days a week and i'm there sometimes up to 3hrs.  I had to mentally get into the mindset that I "love going to the gym" as motivation for me to go everyday. Other things that motivates me.... and i'm happily married for 30yrs... is the eye-candy there and i'm not talking about lollipops... i'm talking about those bulging muscles and the skimpy tank tops that the guys wear and i'm sure they know we're looking but in a good healthy way.

I've also been buying some new active wear, there's some cute stuff out on the market and a lot of the small Indy brands have me digging deep into my pockets.  I plan on doing a YT Lookbook video of a lot of outfits pretty soon. Here's my blog post showing all my outfit!

Now, being older, I still have yet to show my stomach or legs in the gym. I always wear tank tops that cover my stomach and I always wear capri's or leggings..... I just can't see myself in those cute short cheeky shorts that a lot of the younger ladies are wearing.  I actually have two pair from Bebe Sport when they were popular but i'm just can't see myself wearing them... who knows maybe i'll be a little less self conscious at time goes by. Here's my goals below... these women truly motivate me!  Maybe when I look like them i'll gladly wear some cheeky shorts to celebrate!
Wendy Ida | Earnestine Shepard
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