February 8, 2017

Fitness | Finally The Perfect High-Waisted Leggings That Cover Everything

90 Degrees by Reflex
I have been seeing quite a few of the younger ladies in my gym wearing these high-waisted leggings and I always wondered where they found them.  I started doing a little of my own research and low and behold I found them for $22 a pair here.  The name of them is 90 Degrees by Reflex and they are very comfortable and quite thick and you absolutely can not see through them.

I made a short one minute video clip modeling them so you can see the fit!

90 Degrees by Reflex
About the size, I ordered size Small and my waist is exactly 25". Now I ordered three pairs grey, navy, and reflective blue all in a size small.  While they seem to be a perfect fit, they don't stay up on my waist like I want them too.  So.... I kept these that I ordered and I ordered four more in black in an x-small.  Below is a photo of the Black in x-small.  I absolutely love the fit, they're pretty tight in the waist like I like them and they are pretty long, longer than the grey, navy & reflective blue.
90 Degrees by Reflex
The bra top is by Xersion for JC Penny's in a size Medium.  I'm 34DD or 32E in bust (thanks to my plastic surgeon) and as you can see it fits quite nicely. Although I love showing my arms I do not show my belly in the gym, I always wear tank tops over the bra tops because I still believe that showing less leaves more to the imagination. You can find similar top here, here, here and here.
90 Degrees by Reflex
Plum Pretty Sugar- Jacinda 90 Degrees by Reflex
Swimwear Sales 90 Degrees by Reflex

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