Swatches ~ Urban Decay Moondust Pigment Eyeshadows

UD Moondust Pigment Eyeshadows are absolutely gorgeous. There's about 15 of these pigmented eyeshadows in the collection. I picked up 4 of them. I love dabbing them over a matte shadow of the same color to make them pop. UD has so many eyeshadow palettes with lots of gorgeous colors but they are not travel friendly.  I like to have smaller quads with about 4 shadows and then carry one or two of  pigment shadows to add a little more depth for the evening.  You may or may not know, I do my eyes everyday with shadow.  I always tell people.... I didn't spend 3k to have my hooded eyelids lifted to not enjoy every moment I have with them.
Moondust Pigment Eyeshadows
TheseUD Moondust Pigment Eyeshadows can be worn wet or dry, when wet, the color intensifies and becomes very dramatic.  I love these in  the pots moreso than all the loose pigments that I own.  As I said above, these are so travel friendly and they add that extra pop of shimmer to any matte shadow.  The cost $21 each and they contain 1.5 gram of product.Their regular eyeshadows in the pots also contain 1.5 gram of product but cost $19, so we're paying an extra $2 for the pigments.

 I swatched them on my eyes so you can get a feel of what the colors look like. I used them dry and without a primer since it was late and I was ready to go to bed.  As you can see, they are very nice colors and can definitely be worn during the day.  I swatched them on my arm using the UD Primer Potion so that you could really see the depth of the colors.

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