January 9, 2016

Fitness | Over The Holidays This Happened But I'm Back On Track + Video

Fitness Over 50, Over 50, Fitness, Weightloss, Weightlifting
When they say even the best of us gain during the holidays they weren't kidding. Unless you're single with no kids, grandkids or a mate to cook for then you probably stuck to your fabulous diet, but if you're like me with all of the above, then this probably happened to you as well. The funny thing is... I didn't even know that I was gaining weight until the very end of December. The scale remained at 140.0 and it wasn't until January 1st that the scale changed to 145.0 and boy was I shocked! Why does 5lbs make such a difference on me? 

Fitness Over 50, Over 50, Fitness, Weightloss, Weightlifting
 I am really disappointed with myself, all those extra slices of carrot cake and taking a day off here and there from the gym really just wasn't worth it in the end.  But the good things is that i'm back on track.  I re-ordered another bottle of the Shredz Fat Burner which comes in 60 count.  I was taking one a day every morning and this gave me so much energy. I was lifting weights a little heaver than norm and I really had the energy to push myself.  I have been feeling a little less energetic not having taken them during the month of December, so this really shows that supplements do work.

Even though I look bigger, I do feel that I have put on a considerable amount of muscle as well. My goal is to add more cardio to help burn the fat faster, I'm going to keep lifting at the rate I've come accustomed to and hopefully with an increase in cardio, I can shed some of the fat and make the muscles more prominent.

Fitness Over 50, Over 50, Fitness, Weightloss, Weightlifting

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