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10 Benefits of Lifting Weights | Free Weights | Machines | Dumbbells

After the age of 40 we can lose 1 to 2% of muscle mass per year unless we do something about it!   Lifting weights is a must. Cardiovascular exercise alone such as running or swimming will not increase muscle mass! Here are 10 Benefits of Lifting Weights for Women Over 50 that I feel you should include weightlifting in your daily exercise regimen:

Ultimately strengthens our bones by slowly increasing muscle mass. As we age, our bones ultimately weaken and give way to chronic diseases such as osteoporosis. Muscle mass keeps our bones healthy and strong and keeps them from becoming weak and brittle. 

Reduces our body fat and tightens and tones our bodies all over.  I'm sure you've heard this a million times that muscle weighs more than fat but takes up less space.  Well it's true, as lean muscle mass forms it melts away the body fat leaving our bodies tightened and toned all around. Now, this won't happen over night... but with consistent weight lifting, you are guaranteed to see results.

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It gives us energy and encourages us to stay youthful and active. I have a 12yr old granddaughter whom I love to keep up with. There's never a dull moment when she's around, lots of walking, shopping and eating out... not to mention non-stop talking about their 12yr old challenges.

Slow or reverses the aging process which is of major concerns to some of us. I'm obsessed with my skin and looking younger and I know a lot of other women in my age group are also doing everything we can to slow down the aging process. Lifting weights for me has released some sort of endorphin's that has done wonders for my skin. Not only is it looking for radiant, it's actually looking a bit tighter around the jowls as well. 
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Our bodies feel firmer and tighter and look thinner because we burn calories while we're sleeping.  This is one of the most rewarding factors of lifting weights. I can't say enough how tight my abs look every morning and how much smaller my waist looks. It's a known fact that muscles burns fat during our resting hours and that's why at least 8 hours of sleep is needed to help this process.

Improving our posture and tightening our core is the ultimate revenge for back pain. I fell of my bike 5yrs ago and it resulted in my lower vertebra strains. I could only sleep a certain way and I had limited range of motion. Fast forward till last year when I started my weightlifting journey... i'm free of all back pain and I can twist and turn without any problems what-so-ever.

Looking and feeling more confidant automatically boost our self-esteem. When we look at ourselves in the mirror and we're fitting into those skinny jeans that we never thought we would ever get back into gives us such a feeling of accomplishment.  

We become more socially involved in outdoor activities and social functions. We tend to do things that we've never done before whether it involves an exercise that we always wanted to try but never thought we could ever do, to taking up more activities concerts and traveling.

We make more conscious choices in our over everyday lives. We take control of our health and wellness, we prepare our foods more carefully, we dine out less and cook more nutritiously. We read labels and become consciously aware of the products, organically or otherwise, that we're bringing into our homes.

We love more and we become mentally happier. We become more patient, kind and generous and we don't fret over the little things.  It changes us to become a better person all around because we don't have much to complain about. We become in-love with ourselves and that self-love reflects like a magnet. We have more friends and more people gravitating to us wanting to know what's that certain something that's radiating from us that they just can't put their fingers on.... but we know!

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